On and off

I was just an ordinary girl until I met Harry. And his friends. We are all just a great group of friends. We always hang out. Then me and Harry get together. But them something very bad happened!!


7. Secret released

It's now the day before valentines day. I walked into the kitchen. Liam followed me. He suddenly just kissed me. "uh Liam" I said. "will you be my girlfriend"? He asked.
ELEANOR PROV. we all sat down in the living room in our pajamas. Angie and Liam went into the kitchen. I layed my head on Louis chest. He gave me a peck on the cheek. I smiled. But Emily wasn't here. "I certainly know who Angie's valentine wants to be" zayn said. He winked a little. "who"? Harry asked. "uh no one" perrie said. "it has to be someone" he said. "you Harry" zayn said under his breath. "who"? He asked. "you" he said louder. He told Harry! Harry was in shock.  He stood up. "where are you going"? Louis asked. "to uh get a uh divorce with uh Emily" he said. He all looked shocked. Then Angie and Liam came back. Liam had his arms wrapped around Angie. "guess what"? Angie said. "what" I said still in shock. " me and Liam are a couple now" she said smiling. They looked in eachother's eyes. Then they kissed. "no no no no no" zayn said. "what"? Angie asked. "nothing" zayn said. ANGIE PROV. I looked at zayn weird. Me and Liam sat down. He had one arm around me. I smiled. He smiled back at me. It was now 11:00pm. So about an hour later. Harry walked in. He looked tired. Liam was in the kitchen. Harry smiled at me. I looked at him awkwardly. Right when Harry was going to say something liam came back and have me a kiss. "Harry me and Angie are uh couple now"! He said happy. "really"? Harry asked confused. "ya" I said. He sat down. Liam sat next to me. But Harry sat on the other side of the room. Everyone was tired. So I had to leave. "I have to go bye" I said. "or you can stay" Liam said. "but then it will be to late" I said as I grabbed my keys of the hook. I got up and put on my sweater. He got up and held my hands. "I mean.. You can live here will you move in with me"? He asked me. I smiled big. "I would love too" I said. I hung my keys back. And took off my sweater. He grabbed my hand and lead me to his room. It was nice. I say down. He kicked off his shoes. "Liam I'm sorry but I think I'll sleep in the guest room tonight" I said. "it's fine whatever you want" he said. I walked into the guest room. I felt the bed and jumped in. I layed down. I just layed there thinking about liam. And how he was my boyfriend. Not Harry. I turned. I needed water. I walked downstairs. The kitchen light was on. It was Niall. "what are you doing"? I asked. "um not eating" he said. He grabbed a bag of chips and ran upstairs. I giggled. I grabbed a glass from the cabinet. Then I filled it with water. Then I drank it and put it in the sink. I started to walk upstairs. Then Harry walked by. "hey you okay"? I asked. "uh ya" he said. But he didn't look happy. "no your not talk to me" I said. "it's nothing" he said. I sat down on the couch. I patted the seat next to me. "comon" I said. He sat down. "um me and Emily are getting a divorce tomorrow" he said. I don't really like Emily so I faked liking her. "awwww why"? I said trying to sound sad. "I'm um" he said. "you what"? I asked. "I'm in love with someone else" he said. "really?? Well if you loved someone else why did you marry Emily"? I asked. "well I didnt realize it till after" he said. He put his head down now. "well who is it"? I said. "um just this girl but I know I'm not good enough to have her" he said. "well any girl would be lucky to have you and maybe you'll have what me and Liam have together" I said smiling. He looked even more sad. "I have to go but don't be afraid to tell her" I said. I walked upstairs. I walked back into the room. I layed back in bed and fell asleep. I woke up. I got up. I walked into Liam's room. He wasnt there. I walked downstairs. He was eating breakfast. Eleanor was in the kitchen. I sat down. "good morning beautiful" Liam said. I gave him a kiss. Eleanor gave me a plate. "thanks" I said. I started to eat. "I guess I have to change" I said kinda giggling. "me and the boys are going to bring your stuff don't worry love" lain said as he got up and gave me a kiss on the forehead. I smiled and finished eating. Then later on I saw all the boys bringing my stuff. But not Harry. "hey Angie so do you still want to have girls night out" perrie said. "oh my gosh yes"! I said happily. "wait but what about Danielle" Eleanor said quietly do Liam wouldn't hear her. "I guess we can call her she is still our friend right"? I asked. I grabbed my phone and called her. We were doing it tonight. I got my outfit ready. It was now 8:30. I was all ready to go. I layed on Liam's and my bed. I gave him a kiss. "I will be back by 11:00 I promice I love you" I said. "I love you too and please be safe" he said. I smiled and gave him a kiss. I walked out the door and then downstairs. Then me ,Eleanor and perrie all walked out. HARRY PROV. I was still in my robe. I just couldn't see Angie moving in. It would hurt me to bad. Liam walked in. "hey you okay you seem.....off" he said. "ya fine" I said. "no your not just tell me" he said. "well there is this girl and I love her. But she has a boyfriend. "who's the girl" he asked. "this girl from uh the WMYB music video" I saín lying. "ohhh well just tell the guy" he said. "he kinda needs to know" he said. He got up. "Liam... I need to tell you something" I said. "what" he said as he turned around. "the girl is uh Angie" I said scared.
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