On and off

I was just an ordinary girl until I met Harry. And his friends. We are all just a great group of friends. We always hang out. Then me and Harry get together. But them something very bad happened!!


11. Moving in

i took my lips off his. I just let's the rain pour on me. I smiled. "Harry I loved you all this time. I always wondered is he really the one?. But now I know you are definitely the one!!....." I said then kisses him again. "wait....... Maybe this is a bad idea.....I mean you just got divorced..and I was with liam!!!" I let go off him. He grabbed my hand and pulled me back in. "Angie... When your with someone you think their the one.. Like me and Emily" he said. "Harry..I-" I tried to say. "let me finish..... But then you loose them.. The person you thought was the one! I was one of the hardest things ever! But you know what's harder? Loosing someone you and everybody else knows is the one!!" he said. I grabbed his hair and kissed him. He lifted me and spun me around. "your going to get sick" he said trying to lead me in. "I don't care" I said with a smile as I pulled him back in. He smiled and it looked like he was going to kiss me but instead he lifted me. "well I do" he said as he put me inside. I giggled. He grabbed me a towel. We wrapped up In towels. I gave him a peck on the lips. The next day. I slept in the guest room. I woke up And changed. I was in a happy mood. I walked downstairs. I walked up to Liam and gave him a kiss on the cheek. Then I went up to Harry and gave him a kiss on the lips. "you hungry love"? Harry asked me. "no thanks" I said. " I have to go actually" I said. "why what's going on"? Harry asked. "I have to go write a song" I said as I grabbed my notebook and pen. "for what" Harry asked still confused. "she was offered a record deal" liam said. "thanks Liam" I said. I gave him a kiss on the cheek and ran upstairs. I wrote the chorus. Then after that I walked downstairs. Harry wasn't there. Just Niall. "hey where's Harry"? I asked him. "oh at an interview" Niall said. "if he comes and ask for me tell him I will be at the hollister store" I said as I grabbed my sweater and put it on. "okay" he said. "okay thanks" I said as I grabbed the keys and walked out the door. I walked into the hollister store and ended buying 15 tops. 12 jeans. And bag. And 2 sweaters. I went to another store and bought white converse. I went to another store and bought 8 dresses. Finally I came to another store. I looked thought the high heels. Then I saw Emily. She saw me too and rolled her eyes. I rolled mine back. "so you and Harry huh"? She said sarcastically. "how do you know"? I asked confused. "oh please!!! Its all over magazines!! Pictures of your ROMANTIC KISS" she said. I walked towards the bags. I walked away. I didn't want to be near her. I went back home. But I did buy Harry something. I bought him a new watch. But sadly he still wasn't home. Niall was gone now too. But Danielle was there. "hey Danny" I said. "hey ang" she said. "Uhhh soooo" I said awkwardly. "oh you want to know why I'm here" she said nodding. "kinda" I said. "me and Liam got back together"! She said. "that is SOOO great!!! I missed you" I hugged her. She smiled. "so you and harry"? She said smiling raising her eyebrow. I giggled. "uh ya I guess we are together"! I said. "congrats"! She said. "thanks" I said. I gave her another hug then ran upstairs. I ran upstairs. I walked upstairs and put my bags down. I grabbed my phone and texted harry: "hey I miss u!!!:("! He quickly texted back. He said: "I miss you 2!! Almost done!!:)". "you better be!!:P" I texted back. I dropped the phone on the bed. I walked downstairs. I grabbed the orange juice. I grabbed a cup and poured some in. I drank it fast. I ran back up. I looked through my closet. Well it wasn't really a closet it was a bag. Not a plastic bag! I looked through the clothes. I put on some shorts and a cute hollister top on. I put my bangs up with bobby pins. My makeup was already done. I put on some red lipstick. I got a call. I answered it. "hello"? I said. "hey Angie we need you at the studio" they said. "oh sure be there in a sec" I said. I hung up the phone. I grabbed my keys and jacket and walked out the door. I drove to the studio. "hey" I said as I walked in. They all greeted me. "okay so how many songs have you wrote for the album"? They said. "about 4" I said. "okay we start singing next month"? He said. "okay I understand" I said. I walked out to my car. I gave them the papers of the 4 songs. Then I went back home. Harry was there! I ran up to him. I have him a kiss on the cheek. "I missed you"! I said. He gave me a kiss. "I missed you more"! He said. He spun my around. I giggled.  "okay so I gave the guys the 4 songs for the album!! But I still need about 7 more!!! How am I going to choose only 7!!" I said. "trust me I know you'll make the right desision" he said smiling at me. "I love your beautiful green eyes" I said. "I love your everything" he said. We kissed. "oh look Danielle is back"!!! I said happily. "hey Danny" he said smiling and waving to her. She smiled and waved back. He had his arm around my waist. "Harry I love you" I said. "you-you-you love me"! He said happily as he kissed me. I hugged him. "I cleaned that mess you call a room" I said as I pulled him upstairs. He walked in his room. "see now your room is spotless"!! I said happily. "you mean our room" he said smiling. "what do you mean our........ohhhhh.....are you asking me to move in with you"? I asked confused a little. "yes" he said. "then I would love too" I said. He kissed me. I smiled big!!:)
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