On and off

I was just an ordinary girl until I met Harry. And his friends. We are all just a great group of friends. We always hang out. Then me and Harry get together. But them something very bad happened!!


9. Harry

I turned around. He was sitting there with his head down. Why didn't he tell me this before I was with Liam! He had no right to tell now! "I-I-I" I said. I couldn't talk. I just walked away. I love Harry but now only as a friend. But only because I love Liam. He is the sweetest hottest smartest person I know. He is just so great. I walked into me and Liam's room. I sat there. Then I realized.......I'm hungry! I grabbed the phone to order pizza. I ordered then hung up the phone. I walked downstairs. Then onto the couch. I heard Harry come down. "please talk to me!!! Tell me what's on your mind!!" he said. He sounded hurt. "i-I-I- I loved you before.......why didn't you love me then?" I asked. "I just didn't realize it I'm sorry" he said. He was on his knees talking to me. I pulled him up. He sat on the couch. I gave him some cover. I held his hand. I smiled at him and said "Friends". He smiled back "friends". Then I heard the door. It was the pizza! I walked towards the door. I opened it and paid the man. I grabbed the pizza and walked to the kitchen. I sat down and took a bite. "do you want some Harry"? I asked him. He walked towards me. He sat down and bit into a slice. "your not going to stop loving me are you"? I said. Then I took another bite. "never" he said. He took another bite. After we were done I walked up stairs. Liam came. I smiled an hugged him. "hi handsome" I said giggling. "hi beautiful" he said. Then we kissed. "so how was the interview"? I asked him. "it was great I menchined you"! He said. "really"?!? I said happy. "ya of course" he said. He turned on the TV. He changed it to the right channel. The interviewer said: "so Liam I heard about your breakup. I'm deeply sorry."no it's fine I actually am in love with the most beautiful incredible girl" liam said. "who" the interviewer said. "Angie" he said happily. I smiled and gave him a hug. Then I kissed him. I hugged him. I saw Harry. He looked uncomfortable. I let go of Liam for Harry's sake. I grabbed Liam's hand and led him to the room. I say down on the bed. "you'll never believe what just happened" I said. "what" he said. "Harry told me he loved me" I said. He say down. He held my hands. "do you love him back"? He said. "no I love you Liam" I said. "no you don't you love him" he said. Then I heard rain outside. "Harry is leaving tonight he's outside putting the bags in the car right now" he said. I ran outside. It was pouring rain. I ran up to Harry. I gave him a long passionate kiss.
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