On and off

I was just an ordinary girl until I met Harry. And his friends. We are all just a great group of friends. We always hang out. Then me and Harry get together. But them something very bad happened!!


6. Falling for someone else

DANIELLE  PROV. I ran outside because I had saw Angie. It was raining. I went back into the room. Then Harry came back inside. He didn't look happy. Then I got a call from the hospital. They said Angie was in the hospital! I ran outside. Then Liam came out with me. "are you okay what's happening"? He asked me. "Angie is at the hospital"! I said. We ran into the car. Then he drove to the hospital. I ran in there. I asked the lady "um I'm here for angelina". "room 12" the lady said. I ran to room 12. I walked in. Angie was sitting there. She had a cut on her forehead. She also had a cut on her arm. She smiled at me. "hey" she said. "what happened? Are you okay?" I asked scared. "ya" she said. "her arm" the doctor said. "it's fine" she said. "then lift it" Liam said. She tried but a tear fell from her face. "see your not fine" I said. "it's just sprained" the doctor said. So they took her to a room. To put on this cast thing. Me and Liam waited in the waiting room. After a while she came out. She had a cast thing on. We drove to the house. ANGIE PROV. so my arm is sprained. But it was Harry's wedding day. Why were they all focusing on me. Then Harry came through the door. "I heard are you okay"? He asked. "who told you"? I asked. "me" Danielle said. "well it doesn't matter it's your big day" I said. I was laying on the couch. He sat next to me. Then that's when we had our moment. The other guys went into the rooms. My pillow was uncomfortable. Harry leaned over to fix it. His eyes met mine. He leaned in. I huffed. "no" I said under my breath. "your um married" I said. He walked into the kitchen. I guess to think things over. Them Emily walked in. She ignored me completely. She walked int I the room. I rolled my eyes. Then I fell asleep. The next morning. I woke up and my arm was in so much pain. I took some pills and got up. Danielle ran outside with a box in her hand. It was all her stuff. She left. I slowly walked up to Liam's room. "hey where's Danielle going"? I asked. "I guess somewhere else" he said as he looked down. "What happened"? I asked him. "uh Danielle uh broke up with uh ummm me" he said. "I'm so sorry" I said. I gave him a hug. He smiled and hugged me back. "good" I said. "what"? He asked. "I love and missed that smile" I said. "I love your everything" he said. I giggled and grabbed his hand and led him downstairs. I put some eggs into a pan. I put it on a plate. Then I started to make breakfast. Then I tried to make him coffee. But i couldn't do it. Not with one hand. So Liam helped me. He caught the pot. "I'm so glad your here" I said. "me too" he said. I turned and looked into his eyes. He wasn't married! So I leaned in. But the bacon was burning. So I stopped it fast. He laughed. Then after we ate. After that Harry and Emily came downstairs. They were laughing and kissing. I rolled my eyes. I walked to living room. They were in the kitchen. After a while their happy joyful mood was not happy or joyful anymore. They were yelling at eachother. Well she was yelling at him. But I just ignored them. I walked towards the kitchen. She looked at me and rolls her eyes. I rolled my eyes back. I walked to the store and bought milk. When I walked in Emily walked out. Harry was sitting down. His eyes were watery. "you okay"? I asked. "ya uh fine" he said. He whipped his tears and went up to his room. 
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