On and off

I was just an ordinary girl until I met Harry. And his friends. We are all just a great group of friends. We always hang out. Then me and Harry get together. But them something very bad happened!!


3. Engaged?!?!

DANIELLE PROV. I saw Angie walk out the door. I sat on the couch. I grabbed the remote and changed the channel. I just sat there. Then Liam came up to me and gave me a kiss on the cheek. I smiled and kissed him. He smiled and said "I love you beautiful". I smiled and said "I love you too". I gave him another kiss. Then Harry started to talk to Emily. "I've known you for about three years and I love you I need to ask you something" Harry said. He knelt down. Oh my gosh he was going to purpose to Emily! "Emily will you marry me"? Harry said. "yes" she said. He hugged her. Then they kissed. How was I suppose to tell angie! She is going to die! Then Emily and Harry ran upstairs. Then Angie walked through the door. ANGIE PROV. I walked through the door. I had just bought some matching outfits for me Eleanor and perrie and danielle. The the shorts were different colors. I walked in excited. But none of the girls looked happy. My happy smile became a sad face. "uh Angie sit down" Eleanor said as he patted the couch. I sat down on the couch and put the bag down. "Angie please just don't cry" Danielle said. "hey uh what's going on"? I asked freaked out now. "Angie Harry asked Emily to marry him" she said.
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