On and off

I was just an ordinary girl until I met Harry. And his friends. We are all just a great group of friends. We always hang out. Then me and Harry get together. But them something very bad happened!!


24. Ed was right

ANGIE PROV. I grabbed my phone and turned it on. Ed walked out the door. I called Harry. He would t answer his phone! Harry loves me?!? Then I got a call from Niall. I finally answered. "Hello" I said as I ran upstairs. "Hey I need to tell you something" Niall said. "What?" I aske as I opened my closet and looked for my shoes. "Well first I'm really sorry about earlier" he said. "Ya no problem" I said not really paying any attention to what he was saying. I pulled my boots on. "Well I just broke up with my girlfriend because I love-" he said. But I dropped the phone. I ran back downstairs. I noticed I forgot my phone on the floor in the room. But I was in a rush so I didn't care. I grabbed my keys and ran outside. It was really late now! I ran in my car. I started it and tried to remember where Harry was. I was going to call him but I had forgot his phone. ELEANOR PROV. it was getting pretty late! "Louis I think we should go home now" I said. "Okay lets go" he said. We drove home. The door was unlocked?!? I walked in and gave Louis a kiss. I walked upstairs. Angie's room door was open. Her phone was on the floor on. I picked it up. She had just talked to Niall. "Babe where Angie?" I asked Louis. "Umm I don't know love?" he said. I kissed him. He kissed me back. "I will call and ask Niall" I said. "Maybe they are fighting or something! Don't get in the middle!" Louis said. "I do not get in the middle of things" I said. "Ya and you make it worse!" he said then leaned in. I pushed him away. "Whatever Louis" I said. "Don't be mad at me!" he said. "Well too late" I said. "Eleanor!" he said kinda sad. I didnt look at his face. "Love I'm sorry" he said. "Okay" I said. I kissed him. "Juar promice you won't mess with them" he said. "Okay I promice!" I said then kissed him. I put Angie's phone down on her bed then walked into me and Louis room. ANGIE PROV. I stopped at a place then walked up to it. Through the window I could see Harry smiling. He looked like he was talking to someone. I turned to try to see who it was. Then I saw who it was. It was Emily! I walked in. I talked to the guy in the front then left. HARRY PROV. I smiled and laughed with Emily. Maybe she is the one! Then a waiter came up to us. "Hello sir a young lady came in an wanted me to give you this" he said. He took out the ring. The wedding ring I was going to purpose to her with. Why did she have it? "He also said that her name was Angie. And that she said obviously your not going to use it your having to much fun with your date" he said then walked away. "Umm what was that about?" Emily aske confused. "Uh nothing" I said. ANGIE PROV. I drove back home. I saw Louis and Eleanor's car parked there. I walked in. Then I saw Nialls through the window. I walked up to my room. Niall was sitting there. "Hey" he said. "Hey uhh what are you doing here?" I asked. "I don't you wernt paying any attention to What I said over the phone earlier" he said. "No not really...sorry" I said. "Ya after the way I treated you I probabliy wouldn't have even answered the phone" he sai upset with himself. "Just because you had a girlfriend doesn't mean that you treated me wrong" I said. I kicked off my shoes. I sat next to him. "Well..I said I broke up with my girlfriend" he said. "Why" I asked softly. "Because I'm in love with you" he said. "Ed was right" I said smiling. "Ed Sheeran?" Niall asked confused. "Ya! He came over to give Harry the ring to purpose to me" I said. "He was going to purpose to you?" he asked surprised. "Yup but he is with Emily again do it doesn't matter" I said as I shrugged my shoulders. I looke up into his deep blue eyes. I kissed him lips softly. He smiled. Then I kissed him passionately.
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