On and off

I was just an ordinary girl until I met Harry. And his friends. We are all just a great group of friends. We always hang out. Then me and Harry get together. But them something very bad happened!!


17. Crystal

"sure" I said. "Harry"! I screamed. He came running. "crystal!!hey" he said. "Harry I need to tell you something" I said whispering into his ear. "not now" he whispered back. He hugged her. "let's go"! He said. I sat down upset. I guess I would call him and tell him. I called his phone. No answer! I threw my phone on the couch. I got a call. From Joey. "hey" I said. "hey are you ready for that date" he said. "sure" I said. "tonight I will pick you up at 8:00 okay"? He asked. "okay bye" I said. "bye" he said. I hugged my phone. Then I checked the time. 7:00! I better start to get ready! I jumped in the shower first. Then I got ready. Then I heard a knock. I opened the door. "wow you look beautiful" he said. I blushed. Then we got into his car. We drove to a resteraunt. We got to the man in the front. "I'm here for the reservation Joey plaza" he said. "umm there is no reservation Joey plaza" he said. "uh ya" he said. "nope sorry sir" they said. "it's okay" I said. "let's go watch a movie in one of those cars"! I said. So we went. To see a scary movie. I was so scared. I hugged him close. I suddenly looked up and looked into his beautiful blue eyes. I leaned in. Then we kissed. Then the word mommy popped into my head. I suddenly stopped. "are you okay"? He asked. "no" I said. Then we kissed passionately. "let's get out of here" he said. "okay"! I said. We drove back to my house. "I had a great time" I said. I gave him a kiss on the cheek. I walked into the house. Harry was sitting on the couch. He had a cold look on his face. He saw me. He got up suddenly and fast. "when we're you planning to tell me you were carrying our baby"? He asked me upset.
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