On and off

I was just an ordinary girl until I met Harry. And his friends. We are all just a great group of friends. We always hang out. Then me and Harry get together. But them something very bad happened!!


8. Cake makes you one step closer

ANGIE PROV. 10:56. I ran upstairs. I kicked off my shoes like Liam. He walked in. He looked freaked out. "you okay"? I asked. "ya uhm fine" he said. Then he suddenly turned normal again. "did you have fun"? He asked. "ya" I said. Then I gave him a kiss. He smiled. He kissed me back. I smiled. Then I kissed him. It was a long passionate kiss. I took of my jacket. I got into my pajamas. Then I jumped into the bed. Liam was shirtless. I could see his abs. "wow someone has been working out" I said gigling. He laughed. Then he kissed me. I was so cold. It was freezing outside. I smiled as we kissed. He wrapped his arms around me. I ran my fingers through his hair.The next morning. I woke up. I felt Liam right next to me. I hugged him with one arm. I gave him a peck on the cheek. "yay the most beautiful person in the world is awake" he said smiling. I kissed him. "I love you so much" I said smiling. "I love you more" he said. I giggled a little. He grabbed his phone and looked at the time. "oh my gosh I'm so sorry but I have to go love" he said getting up. "why" I said sad now. I guess he saw my frown. "don't be sad. I will be back. I have to go do a interview with Louis." he said as he put pants on. Then he put on a shirt. I got up as he walked into the restroom. I changed. He left. I was so bored. I walked into the kitchen. I was going to bake a cake. I grabbed the recipe. Then I grabbed all the ingredients. I grabbed a big bowl. Then Harry came downstairs. "hey do you know how to bake a cake"? I said giggling. "ummm you want help"? He asked. "yes please I'm so confused" I said. I didn't need help I just didn't want to be alone. He walked to me. He had sweats on. With a light blue t shirt on. "okay so first flower" he said. "okay" I said as I picked up the flower. I poured some of out in. "did you measure it" he said smiling. "no" I said. "your suppose to" he said. "oops" I said. I grabbed some off. I walked towards the bag but tripped. I spilled it on Harry. I laughed. "this is funny to you" he said laughing a little. "yes I'm sorry" I said still laughing. He grabbed some flower and tossed it on me. Then we started throwing flower on me. I grabbed my chocolate and squirted him with it. He spun me around. I laughed. He wrapped his arms around me. We both laughed. He grabbed an egg and cracked it only head. We started dancing in the flour. We both laughed. Then Niall walked in. He saw us all messy. Harry had his arm wrapped around my waist. He let go fast as Niall walked in. "what happened"? Niall asked us. "cake fight"? I said as I shrugged my shoulders. "waste of food" he said laughing. I giggled. Harry still hadn't said a word. "I better take a shower" I said. I walked upstairs.HARRY PROV. "I uh better clean this up" I said. "I'll help" Niall said. Angie walked upstairs. He helped me sweep the flour. I started to wipe the counters from choclate. "you are so in in love with her" Niall said. "no we're just friends" I said. "in love" Niall said under his breath. "I told Liam" I said. "what!!! What happened" he said surprised. "well.. After I told him he just sat there in shock. Then I told nothing was going to happen between me and her. He told me he had to go think so he went to his room and never came back to my room." I said. "wow do you think he hates you"? He asked. "I hope not" I replied. ANGIE PROV. I got out of the shower and dressed again. I pit my hair up. Then walked downstairs. Harry was sitting there. "hey" I said. "okay tell me what's been going on because you and me have been having this wierd thing lately and your always so sad what's going on" I asked confused. "I can't tell you" he said with his head down. "you can tell me any thing Harry" I said. "Angie I love this girl but I can't have her remember" he said. "ya soooooo" I said. "the girl is uh...........you" he said.
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