On and off

I was just an ordinary girl until I met Harry. And his friends. We are all just a great group of friends. We always hang out. Then me and Harry get together. But them something very bad happened!!


12. Big Hit

I walked to my house. I opened the door to my room and just started at it. This was really happening! I was going to move in with Harry! I smiled at that thought. I grabbed the six boxes I brought and put them on my room floor. I put up my hair in a bun. I took off my sweater and started to PACK! First I packed my clothes. Then my stuff. I checked my calendar before I packed it. It said January 25. That was today! Wait! Next weekend is Harry's birthday! I said excited! I packed the calendar. Then I suddenly got a call. "hey" I said. "hey this is bob the man who made the album with you" he said. "ya hey" I said. "have you looked up your name at all on the web" he asked me. "no why"? I asked confused. "well do it then call me back" he said. "okay" I said. I hung up. I sat down on my computer chair and went to google. I looked up Angie. A whole bunch of things came up. The top said "ANGIE BIG HIT ALBUM LISTING TO THE RADIO HAS SOLD BIG TIME"! I was in shock. Then Bob called again. "hey I'm like.....famous"! I said surprised! "yes you are"! He said happily. "and next weekend your going to have your very first tour"! He said excited. "yaaaaa"! I screamed. "call you later" he said. I hung up and screamed of happiness! Then I countinued packing. When I was finally done I called Harry. "hey I'm done packing can you come pick them up"? I asked. "ya babe" he said. "your never going to guess what just happened"! I said. "I'll uh tell you when you uh get here" I said. I hung up. Then about 10 minutes later he came. He loaded the truck with the boxes. I ran up to him and hugged him tightly. "I'm going on tour for my new CD" I screamed. "that's great!!! When do you leave?" he said. "next weekend" I said. He suddenly became Pail. He looked confused. I gave him a Giant kiss. He got in the truck. I hopped in to. I wonder why he was so upset. I thought. Then while Harry was talking on the phone they asked what was next month. It was feburary! Harry's birthday is next weekend! That's why Harry was so sad! I hug him an gave him a kiss. "babe of course I'm going to stay for your birthday" I said. I gave Him another kiss. He smiled. We got to the house. He dropped off all the boxes into our room. I didn't feel like unpacking. So we just layed on the bed. I got up and walked downstairs. I did a little dance. It was a happy dance!!:)THE NIGHT BEFORE HARRY'S BIRTHDAY.
I couldn't sleep. I sat up and looked at where I had his Harry's present. I layed back down and took a deep breath. I still couldn't sleep. I sat up again and got off the bed. Harry woke up. "babe"? He asked. He sounded cute and tired. "ya just going downstairs for some tea go back to sleep baby" I said. I walked downstairs. I walked into the kitchen and turned on the light. I started to make my tea. As it was cooking I sat down. I checked the phone messages. We had 3 messages. I played them off . "hi Angie this is bob I hope to see you tomorrow you have to leave at about 2:00pm okay bye" one message said. Then the other one played. "hey boys this is Jim I'm going to interview you next week okay bye" it said. Then the last one. "hello Harry it's me Emily....I've uh missed you a lot! I'm coming down to your city and I hope to see you around....maybe we could uh get some coffee or something" it said. I froze. EMILY! I smelt smoke. It was my tea. I turned it off and poured it in a cup. Then Niall came down. "hey I smell smoke what's going on"? He asked me. "nothing  just tea"I said. He looked sad and depressed. "what's wrong?you okay?"I asked him. "Uhhh....ya" he said uncertain. "no your not tell me" I said. "well demi has uh a uh" he started to say. "has a what"! I said. "a boyfriend" he said really sad. I felt bad now. I rubbed his back. 
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