On and off

I was just an ordinary girl until I met Harry. And his friends. We are all just a great group of friends. We always hang out. Then me and Harry get together. But them something very bad happened!!


20. Baby names

Its been about 7 months. I have a preatty big belly! I sat on the couch. I moved my stuff out of my room and into Harry's. So the other room can be the baby room. We still don't know the gender! I'm dying to know! About a couple months ago I found Harry kissing this girl when I was going to tell him I love with him. Well he's not with that girl anymore. Thank god! Right now he's single so I think it's the perfect time to tell him. I got up from the couch. I walked upstairs. But then I stopped and thought. Am I really in the right condition to maybe be turned down? No I wasnt! I walked back down slowly. Niall can down with his car keys. "hey" he said. "hey" I said. I sat on the couch. He walked out. That is when I realized it! Why am I in love with Harry when it never works out?! I have to find someone else! And then it hit me! NIALL!!! A month later. Harry came downstairs. "so we do have to think of baby names" he said. "okay I think if it's a boy Louis" I said. "and if it's a girl Darcy" he said. "what about Ana" I said. "or zayn" he said. "what about niall" I said. We just can't choose! "this is going to go on forever"! He said. I giggled. Then I went into labor!!! HARRY PROV. I watched her be in pain. It hurt me. Then the doctor said "it's a girl"! ANGIE PROV. I was so tired. I was breathing very hard. "it's a girl" the doctor said. "so little Ana" he said. "no" I said. "what I thought you wanted that name" he asked confused. "ya but you want Darcy and Im starting to like that name" I said. "really" he asked. "ya" I said. Then we smiled at eachother. I held his hand. We both looked at little Darcy. She was so beautiful! Harry kissed me on the forehead. I had my little Darcy finally!!!:)
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