On and off

I was just an ordinary girl until I met Harry. And his friends. We are all just a great group of friends. We always hang out. Then me and Harry get together. But them something very bad happened!!


31. A REAL daddy

I woke up. Darcy was already awake. I knew she was because she was calling mommy softly. I opened my eyes. "Mommy!" he said a little louder now. I sat up and rubbed my eyes. "Good morning mommy" she said. "Hi Darcy" I said and smiled. She hugged me. "I'm hungry" she said as she got off the bed and headed downstairs. I got up and walked downstairs. "Hey" I said as I saw Zayn. Then I saw Liam. I turned and saw Niall holding Darcy in his arms. I smiled just to see Niall. I turned an noticed Harry wasn't here. I kinda didn't care. I turned and hugged Niall. Then Harry walked through the door. He had a coat on. He out down his keys and his coat. "Hello" he said. In four more days! Darcy's birthday! She's turning 5! I walked into the kitchen with Niall and Darcy. "Darcy" I called out to her. "Where we're you?" I heard Zayn ask Harry. "No where" he said smiling. "Okay...." Liam said suspiciously. I just rolled my eyes and smiled. I poured Darcy some orange juice. "Thanks mommy" she said as she walked to the table with her sippie cup. I served her some Cheerios. I smiled as I saw Niall talking to her about how good food was. I giggled a little. I think I was in love with Niall! Just Niall! When she finishe her Cheerios and when Niall finished I said "Niall why don't you play with Niall upstairs for a while" I said. "Okay come on daddy" she said as she held Nialls finger and walked upstairs. Harry looked at me stunned. "D-did she just call Niall....d-dad?!" he said. "Yeah so" I said. "But I'm her daddy" he said. I rolled my eyes. "I sent her up there do we can talk about Darcy's birthday!" I said. "You mean the party?" he asked. "Yeah" I said. "have you got her a present?" I asked. "No" he said. "Well you have to!!" I said. "Have you?" he asked. "Yeah actually I have!" I said. "I'll buy it tomorrow" he said. "Okay whatever....just as long as you get one!" I said. "Okay" he said. I walked upstairs. I heard Niall talking to Darcy. I love the way he talks to her! So sweet and calm! I walked in. "Got room for one more?" I asked. "Yeah mommy!" Darcy screamed happily. "Of course" Niall said as his eyes were suddenly met with mine. "Okay so mommy you have to sit over here next to daddy" she said as she grabbed my finger and led me to Niall. I sat down next to him. He handed me and him a plastic tea cup. "Here drink!" she said. Me and Niall pretended to drink. I looked into his deep blue yes and kissed him. "I love you" he said. "I love you too" I said. "Ewwww" Darcy said. Me and Niall laughed. Then he tickled her. She giggled. I smiled and helped. Afterwards I just sat down next to him. "Your a great daddy!" I said. He smiled and kissed me again. Eventhough he wasn't the real daddy I knew to Darcy he was someone very special!

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