Something about him

Shimmer Smith hates her home hates her name and hates The Hunger Games. No one knows of Shimmers distaste for District 1 and everyone in it but fate decideds to collide her life with one boy who will help her boy who will help her realize who she is. A Career.


1. Shimmer...stupid name isn't it?

"Are you ok?" I asked the boy at my training class "Fine" he answers gruffly looking embarrased he was knocked down that easliy. I tried talking to him but he kept walking away "You know maybe hand on hand isn't you strong point I'm sure something is" I insist "Like what being a flagpole?" He asked I looked at him. Skinny and tall the boy that was always picked on at school. Marvel Janski. "How bout archery?" I ask handing him a bow he scowled taking the bow and hoplessly trying to shoot. "Ok what about...spear throwing?" I ask handing him a spear. He throw it naturaly hitting the bullseye "Nice" I mutter in shock. "I'm Shimmer stupid name isn't it?" I ask he laughs "I'm Marvel" he says "Hey Marvel! You wanna go get some candy or something?" I ask "No thanks I should get going" he answers putting the spear away "Right see you at the Reaping" I call biting my lip pringing my fragily hands to my chest watching him walk away with his younger sister Ivory.Who you stalking?" My older sister Glimmer asked. "No one" I sneer "Marvel he's a year older your only 16 plus he's so lanky every other guy here is stronger" She snorts "There's something about him...I like it." I answer

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