Something about him

Shimmer Smith hates her home hates her name and hates The Hunger Games. No one knows of Shimmers distaste for District 1 and everyone in it but fate decideds to collide her life with one boy who will help her boy who will help her realize who she is. A Career.


2. He volunteers

"Stunning!" Your mother Violet gushes over Glimmer across the room I look adown at my dress and up at Glimmer I would never compare to her. She had blue eyes and blonde hair I had brown eyes and plain brown hair. It was obvious my sister was my mothers favorite with her beauty. I on the other hand am Dad's favorite with my high training scores. Because acoording to him Glimmer can't fight if her life depended on it. And in our country someday it might. Glimmer opens her mouth to agree but notices my jealous face "No mum nothing compared to my little sister" She answers "Yes yes you two should get going...who's that?" My mother asked with a knock at the door of our large mansion that resembled all the others in 1. I ran to the balcony and looked down and found Marvel holding tightly to his 9 year old sisters hand "And who are you?" My father asked "Marvel, Marvel Janski" Marvel answers "Looking for Glimmer?" My dad asked knowing the routine my heart sank of course he's looking for Glimmer my prettier older sister. ";No I'm actually here for Shimmer" he answers I ran downstairs practically tripping over my own feet and stood behind the corner waiting to be called "Shimmer?" My dad asked "Yeah pretty girl with brown hair...Marvel won't stop talking about her" Ivory answers "Ivory!" Marvel scolds face red. "Well it's true Shimme's hair flows beautifuly Shimmer's personality is unlike other blah blah bla" Ivory adds. He talks about me? "Right...I'll go get her" My dad says coming around the corner and bumping into me "Shimmer?" He asked "Hi dad" I mumble "There's a boy for you" he says leaving "Hi"I stutter getting to the door "Hi" he answers "You need a ride because my handsome brother who happens to be single is here to pick you up" Ivory asks with a wink "I would love a ride"; I chuckle looking into her big green eyes, identical to Marvel's. "Great! Let's get going then" Marvel says "Right.." I mumble losing myself in his emerald eyes,which I had to look up to see. "Yeah..." he says staring into my eyes "Let's go then!" Ivory interupts "Right" Marvel says motioning to his car.
I watched Styles walk around the stage his navy blue wig in perfect order. He paced up and down the stage practicing his lines. Styles Williamson, unlike the other escrots only started last year now he's 19 and still new to the whole 'Drag 2 kids to fight to the death' not to mention he's from here not the Capitol. "Excuse me?" He asked through the microphone but no one payed him any mind "Excuse me?" He asked a little louder "HEY!" he finnaly shouted casuing everyone to shut up and stare at him with either blue, green or brown eyes the eyes of District 1. "Right" he said clearing his throat "I have a special video all the way from the Capitol" he announced I rolled my eyes watching the video at the end everyone clapped like mad "Ok so now for our volunteers" he announces swirving a hand over the bowl "Ladies first" he mumbles forgetting he was supposed to say that from the start "C'mon loser we don't have all day!" Someone shouted from the older boy division "Shut up Glam!" Styles shouted obvioulsy frustrated with his job. "Shimmer Smith" he muttered bored I glanced nervously at my sister she shook her head pointing to her chest gesturing she would volunteer I glanced at my father he nodded his head maddly I sighed and walked up the marble path to the stage "Hi Shimmer" Styles stuttered "Hi Styles"I mumbled looking out to the auidience "Do you want to give them the chance for them to volunteer?" Styles whispers "No I'll go" I decide with a big sigh "Ok not so gentlemen next" Styles answers shooting a glare at Glam. "Shut up and draw will you Bad Style Williams" Glam shouted earning sniggers from his friends "This coming from the future winemaker!" Styles mumbled "Ok Mazing Liyler" He muttered we all turned and looked at the small 12 year old with brown hair and brown eyes "Mazing! He'll get slaughtered!" Glam shouted I glanced at the small boy cowering slightly "I volunteer!" Someone shouted rasing their hand "I volunteer as tribute for Mazing Liyler" Marvel announces breaking through the crowd
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