Feeling the pain of loving Payne

Before Liam Payne left for the X-Factor 2 years ago he expressed his love fully to Hailey Smith and did not see her since. Little did he know he left Hailey pregnant with a daughter... Taylor Payne. If only Hailey would realize Liam still longs for her and a child of his own.


5. 'Whos being crazy?'

Feeling the pain of loving Payne- Chapter 5

"Fine just stand there then!" I screamed running upstairs I slipped into Taylors room to avoid Liam finding her. "Hailey no wait we need to talk" he pleaded pounding on the door "Shut up" I whispered tears streaming down my face shamefully. "Then open the door!" He shouted I sat there staring at the small toddler bed watching the small lump sleep peacefully. "Open this door...please Hailey we need to talk" Liam pleaded "mum what's going on?" Taylor asked groggily I panicked and ran over and started to rock her in my arms "Nothing babs but I need you to stay quiet ok?" I cooed "Mhm" she mumbled snuggling herself to me "Just go to sleep babs" I whispered "Who's being crazy?" She asked "just someone" I reassured "C'mon Hailey open the door" Liam called "Just leave will you!" I exploded angrily "No you know what I'm staying the night I'm talking to you rather or not you like it!" Liam shouted obviously frustrated I groaned and looked at the now sleeping Taylor in my arms. There was no way around it now Taylor was going to meet her father. I set her sleeping body down and covered her fragile body with the Toy Story (sound familiar?) covers. I slowly trudged over to the closet and got spare blankets and made myself a small bed on the ground but I couldn't sleep. How could I! The love of my life is down stairs.

*Liam's p.o.v*
I stood at the door bringing my fist to knock on the door again but it fell down and I slowly traced the doorknob with my fingers. I sighed and pressed my forehead against the door and then left. I stopped in front of Hailey's room I remebered this house like the back of my hand...I was always here almost never at home eating cookies in this room. I debated rather or not to go in. It was obviously wrong and incredibly rude but I just had to. I slowly turned the knob and entered. Her room was so much different now. So much more mature like somehow she matured more. She still had her "Awesome Wall" as it was called during adolescence. But it was displayed differently in a more organized way. But instead of famous actors and fun pictures of her and me there was pictures of Eddie with that little girl we saw a picture of downstairs. Countless pictures of the same little girl but what caught my attention was that she kept the pictures of us. Well some of them. She kept the ones of when we were older together hugging kissing holding hands I blinked my tears away then turned. I gently put my hand on her bed. She kept the bed but had different bedsheets. This bed...we jumped on it as kinders....we ate popcorn and watched scary movies as kids in the 5th year....we did our homework in the 6th year.... we awkwardly kissed in our 7th year....I made love to her for the first time in our 11th year. I broke down thinking about everything all our past...I fell to my knees and started to cry my face pressed into the matress. "I just got so busy and your number got lost and you blocked me on Skype" I sobbed muffled by the thick covers. "Li?" Niall asked through the slightly ajar door "Yeah?" I asked wiping my eyes quickly "Well Paul says it'll be easier to stay here for a couple of days...we can split the 2 extra rooms 3 in one 2 in the other Harry and Louis already share a room..." He explained "Thank Goodness they never stop talking" I mumble "Right well you gonna help set up?" He asked "Uh yeah just give me a minute" I explain "Your going through her room don't you uh think that's a bit..." "A bit what?" "Creepy" "Is not!" I shout "Is too!" He argues "Just go" I groan "What ever" he mumbles leaving I pull myself up and walk gently to the closet my feet sliding gently on the wood flooring I opened it slowly and traced my fingers over the soft material. I searched and searched for the white hoodie I had hoped she kept these 2 years. Tears filled my eyes when the hoodie didn't appear I desperately dug to the back of the closet. I fell on the floor looking at the closet my hoodie wasn't there....she threw it out. I sighed pushing myself up with the support of the bed. The chair at the desk piled with work caught my attention. A simple white hoodie hung off the chair I reached over and grabbed it. I smiled looking over the sweater I had given to Hailey two years ago. I slowly brought it to my nose and took a quick sniff. It smelt like her...like Japanese Cherry blossoms. I smiled and set it back in its place. Maybe she does love me...even in the slightest...and I can win her back.
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