Feeling the pain of loving Payne

Before Liam Payne left for the X-Factor 2 years ago he expressed his love fully to Hailey Smith and did not see her since. Little did he know he left Hailey pregnant with a daughter... Taylor Payne. If only Hailey would realize Liam still longs for her and a child of his own.


6. Taylor meets Liam and her uncles

Feeling the pain of loving Payne- Chapter 6 *Liam's p.o.v* "Hey Liam...Liam wake up" A thick Irish voice shouted in my ear "Good Lord Niall! You'll wake up the whole house" I groaned shifting in my cot covering my head with my pillow "I know your not on the best terms with Hailey but uh...do you think she'll make us breakfast?" Niall asked sheepishly I sat up and stared at him "You're kidding right?" I ask "No...I gotta eat you know that!" Niall whined "I don't want to face Hailey at least not until Paul brings our clothes" I mumble "I like the idea of staying in tee-s and boxer shorts all day" Harry announces randomly bursting into our room. "Well we're hungry...and we don't have a histroy with Hailey" Niall decides leaving the room "Yeah..." Louis says following Niall "You guys brush your teeth and fix your hair " I shout "No!" They bellow together I turned to Zayne for back up but he merley shrugged his shoulders and followed the boys. "You guys are sick" I scold decending down the stairs and shyly taking a seat. "Edward Jonah Smith off your butt right now!" I heard Hailey shout "Jonah? That's a funny name!" A small adorable voice acompanied Hailey's "Get outta here its my weekend..." Eddie groaned "Don't all highschoolers get a weekend off like every week?" Harry asked "No not Eddie...he's in college" I answer "College how old is he?" Louis asked "15" "How!" Zayne burst "Once he was freshman he was already a senior..." I answered "So he's a college freshman rough" Harry grumbled. "Hey guys" Eddie muttered grabbing an apple and taking a bite "Hey" I greeted "Vas happenin" "When's breakfast? What is breakfast this morning?" "Morning where's Hailey" "I'm bored entertain me" "Hey...not much...as soon as Hailey cooks it...morning getting ready..and we'll figure out something to do while we eat" Eddie answers only but a split siceond after all the questions were shot "You are a genius" Zayn mutters knocking on Eddies head "Or a robot sent to take over the earth!!!!" Harry screeched "Who's a robot? Uncle Eddie what's a robot" A small voice asks behind us. We turned to face the little girl in all those pictures. Her dimples explosed... brown wavy hair in a pony tail... and big brown eyes sparkling "Who are you? You little cutie" I asked feeling the urge to hug her so I opened my arms wide "I'm Taylor! Your Liam! Liam did you know we look alike!" She said hugging me "I do now You know I always wanted a child named Taylor" I chuckle "Really! guess what else" she started "What?" I asked in the center of the huddle of boys gooing over the adorable toddler "Give her some space will you" I heard someone growl I turned and found Hailey in her regular outfit jeans and a Hollister tee. "Right we were just talking to your cousin here" Niall explains "Cousin?? What's that? This is my mummy" Taylor shouts jumping into Hailey's arm "Unexpected!" "Woah" "What?" "Uh..." "What?" I asked taking a step closer to Hailey but she jerked backwards glaring at me. "You...who's the father" I stuttered but she pursed her lips and shut her eyes "Liam maybe you guys should just.." Eddie started placing a hand on my shoulder but I jerked back "Who's your dad hun?" I asked as gently as I could through all this anger and worry "I dunno" she said twirling a piece of her mums hair around her small finger "What's your last name sweetie?" Louis asked. Hailey shut her eyes tighter and choked back a sob "Payne just like you Liam weird huh" Taylor giggled I looked at Hailey and the boys stared at me hen turned their heads from me to Hailey to Taylor. I stole Taylor from Hailey's arms quickly and turned around before she could steal her back I held her close to my chest and set my head on hers "Taylor...I'm your daddy" I whispered letting tears cascade down my face "You are?" She asked "I am I'm your dad Taylor and I'm never leaving you again" "Promise" "I swear"

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