Feeling the pain of loving Payne

Before Liam Payne left for the X-Factor 2 years ago he expressed his love fully to Hailey Smith and did not see her since. Little did he know he left Hailey pregnant with a daughter... Taylor Payne. If only Hailey would realize Liam still longs for her and a child of his own.


2. Raising a teen and a toddler?

W"Mummy! Mummy!" Taylor shouted jumping on my bed "Yes?" I asked groggily "Guess what uncle Eddie just told me?" She said happily "Yes Taylor?" I ask "One Direction is coming here!" She shouts laying flat on her back "Eddie!" I shout "Yeh?" My 15 year old brother asks popping fhis head from the hall way his brown hair sweeping over his eyebrows "Why, why, why would you tell Taylor about their concert you know she'll wanna go now right" I sigh "Can't my baby ever be happy?" He asks picking up Taylor "Taylor is not your baby" I sigh "She's like my baby she's my niece' he responds tongue out at me leaving to get some breakfst with Taylor. I sighed getting up from bed and across my room to my parents' bedroom. We didn't dare change a thing in the past year. How did I lose it all? I lost Liam and I lost my parents leaving me alone to care for a 14 year old and a 7 month old. "Hailes we're making pancakes you want some?" Eddie calls "No its fine you should get going for school" I say walking into the kitchen "I have time" he argues "No you don't" I sigh "Fine" he says grabbing his skateboard "Ah helmet!" I call to no avail "Why does Uncle Eddie have to go to school?" Taylor whined crossing her small arms over her tiny chest. "Because Uncle Eddie is to smart to quit" I answer. Eddie turned out to be a genius graduating highschool in his freshman year which was last year so he attended college in hopes of helping support the 3 of us. He didn't need to honestly we had my parents fund to keep us going. It was up to me to raise a teenage boy and a toddler it wasn't easy. "So mummy can we pwease go to see One Direction?" She asked jumping onto my back "Why do you want to go so much babs?" I ask taking Taylor to her room to get her ready "I look like Liam I want him to see me!" She answers I rolled my eyes at her. I had a feeling Taylor turned out a genius like Edward she's only two and she corrects me in grammer. "I don't know babs" I say nervously "you don't want to go?" She asks "Uncle Eddie can take me!" She assures "Taylor you can't go" I scold making her pout and leave to the play room to play with her One Direction dolls.

"So have you decided on rather or not you'll let babs go to the concert?" Eddie asked as he help me cook our dinner "Yes, I'm not letting her go" I say watching Taylor watch some child's show. "Why not!" Eddie whisper shouts shutting the shutters of the kitchen so Taylor wouldn't hear "You can't keep her a secret! You can't expect to raise her without a father!" Eddie scolds "Why can't I Ed? Huh! I've made it this far!" I shout "Because she needs someone to teach her sports! She needs someone to know loves her mum! Hailey every child deserves a father! Not to mention Liam always wanted a child and you know! You named her Taylor! What did Liam want more than anything in the world? A child named Taylor" Eddie shouts slamming the knife in his hand on the counter angrily "You don't think I know that? But its better for Liam! He has reputation Eddie! Daddy Direction! How will it look to the girls that listen to 1D just because they're head over heels in love with Liam Payne? They'll hate him! If not they'll hate me and Taylor and I'm not going to throw my daughter under that hate bus" I shouted back. Eddie took a shaky breath "I'm not a genius for nothing Hailey...letting Liam know will pay off" he responds "Pay off for who? Not Liam...we have to think about him too..." I mumble "Uncl Eddie is dinner ready!" Taylor shouts jumping into Eddies arm after bursting into the room "Sure is babs"he sighs setting her at the table I look at my brother and daughter they're my only family they're all I need no matter how desperatly I want Liam to be here.
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