Feeling the pain of loving Payne

Before Liam Payne left for the X-Factor 2 years ago he expressed his love fully to Hailey Smith and did not see her since. Little did he know he left Hailey pregnant with a daughter... Taylor Payne. If only Hailey would realize Liam still longs for her and a child of his own.


4. Liam comes knocking on our door

Feeling the pain of loving Payne- Chapter 4

"You ok?" Eddie asked poking his head in through my door "Just peachy Ed" I lie "Right well Liam's about to go on you wanna watch?" He asked "No not really" I mutter "I really think you should babs is really confused at why, and I quote, "Mummy hates 1D so much" Eddie explains "Fine" I growl. "C'mon..." he calls from the hallway before decending down the stairs "Why is their concert on t.v anyways?" I ask "And live too?" "Local news, not often we get big shot bands here in Wolverhampton" Eddie answers. It was true Wolverhampton wasn't a small town, but a regular city usually not worthy of any attention. Then all of a sudden young talent burst through straight from this city and all of a sudden it's known world round by millions of Liyuum lovers. "Can you believe it mum! One Direction! Here! Now!" Taylor shouts happily "What do you think Liam is like in person?" She wondered "I haven't the slightest idea" I lie Eddie shoots me a look and then looks up at the t.v where they were doing a little segmant on each of the boys "And of course our very own Liam Payne. Sweetest possibly of the 5 boys. Quite the gentleman no?" Mikayla Turpit announces as anchor woman. I seethed at her I always did hate her. I think about the gentleman part it was true. All the while Liam took my virginity ,one of the most sacred possesion to a woman, he whispered sweet things and how much he loves or loved me. I shut my eyes and tried not to think about the past 2 years ago. It was a mistake giving myself at age 17. Of course I don't regret Taylor I just wish she came along later when my schooling and such was done. "It's starting mum!" Taylor whispered scooting about 1 foot from the t.v. I sat back and watched sure enough 5 handsome guys walked upon stage. Louis, Zayne, Niall and Liam. I'd tried to avoid looking at him but how could I? The city loved him! And his handsome face was plastered on about every magizine. "There he is Uncle Eddie there he is!" Taylor shouted "There he is babs" Eddie whispered. I knew he missed Liam he was like the older brother he never had but we both knew I missed him in a different way the way the split my heart in 2 and ripped my soul to shreds.

*Eddie's p.o.v*
I stared at the t.v memories flooding back. I was 4 when Liam first really talked to me. He talked to me like I was a regular 4 year old nice and slow "Hi...I...am...Liam...nice....to..." "Hi Liam I'm Edward you can call me Eddie though" I interupted. I smiled at the thought of his expression at my quick conversation. Liam taught me sports, I helped Liam with his homework, he taught me how to talk to girls, he was the one that "gave me the birds and the bees" lecture, he even started to teach me how to drive. Liam was my "brother", my best-friend my role-model then he left...with one stupid single command "Don't drive till I come back" and I havent . I ignored Hailey's suggestion of taking driver's ed. I denied her offer to teach me herself. I knew it was stupid still waiting for a boy now long gone to teach me to drive. But I didn't want him gone. I wanted him here giving me advice, telling my sister and their daughter how much he loves them. Instead he was out there touring the world giving 4 other boys advice telling his fans he loves THEM. And it isn't right I know it but Hailey let's him live up his famous life. Child free. Even I at 15 took full responsibility of caring for a toddler.

*Normal p.o.v*
"Bloody hell they're gonna get mauled!" Eddie shouted now on the edge of his seat. "Where's their security?" I asked in disbelief as the 5 members of One Direction ran down the streets of Wolverhampton for their lives as a mob of screaming girls chased them. At this point the girls were screaming things I did not want my 2 year old learning so I turned off the t.v quickly "Alright babs I let you stay up 5 hours late time for bed" I scold "Oh alright" she grumbled jumping into my arms.

*Eddie's p.o.v*
**Knock knock** Two panicked quick knocks come from the other side of the front door.
I stared blankly at the door trying to figure out who would be knocking now and in such a panicky way I forced myself off my favorite arm chair and walked over to the door. I pressed my face to the door looking through the peep hole. All I could make out was 5 figures. I made a list of the possibilites of who lurked behind this door. My two top reasons. Kidnappers or neighbors. I opened the door just a crack and peeked through "Hello?" I asked "Eddie?" An all to familiar voice asked out of breath "Liam?" I whisper shouted as we stared at each other after two painfully long years I was face to face with my niece's dad. "Are you gonna let us in or let the fan mob get to us?" A curly haired boy whom I presumed to be Harry asked impatiently "Depends are you ready to ask nicley?" I smirked "May we please come in?" The only blonde pleaded "Alright quiet though" I instructed they nodded gratefully and walked in Zayne the last one in shut the door silently. Liam automatically took off his shoes and set the by the door "Shoes off" I told the four other boys the stared before actually taking off their shoes they contiued their walk admiring family pictures "Who's this?" Liam asks pointing at Taylor in a picture "Cousin" I lie "She looks a lot like Liam" A boy says suspiciously "Shut up Louis" Liam mumbles "I'm so glad you and your parents still live here. Hailey must've moved out righ?" Liam asked as we silently took our seats in the kitchen. Instantly the blonde started asking if he could eat I nodded and allowed him to rummage through our food. "You have no idea how glad we are you and your parents still live here. Hailey must've moved out right?" Liam said a bit uncomfortable "Actually Hailey still lives here...my parents moved" I stuttered quietly "Really? Where too?" Liam asked "Heaven" I answer softly the 4 boys stared at each other "I'm sorry" Louis finnaly burst "Me too. I'm Zayne by the way" Another spoke I noded in acknowledgement "I'm Harry" the other spoke looks of sympathy in his eyes. "How?" Liam asked finally coming back from shock tears at the brim of his eyes "Irresponsible driver" I answer "You have no idea how much I missed you" he says I hug him like the lost brother he was. "I missed you too." He mumbles "I didn't drive you know" I say when we pulled apart "You didn't?" Liam asked "Woah who are you?" We heard Niall ask a mouthful of chips in the next room "I could ask you the same damn question this is my home!" I could hear my sister burst "Edward Jonah... Liam?" Hailey whispered the last part "Now I'm sure that's not my last name" I muttered but Zayne quickly covered my mouth and we watched Liam's reaction. Except he didn't have one he just stood there staring at my sister "Well?" Hailey asked Liam. Harry looked at me "Uh guys you wanna go play some football I have nets set up" I suggest after leaving Zayne's grip "Good idea Edward!" Harry shouted "But I wanna hear..." Louis started to complain but Harry grabbed his ear and dragged him out. "We can hear through here" I say pressing my ear against a window "Mawome" Niall mumbled with a mouthful of food "2 years of drama about to unfold." Louis mumbled. "Goody" Harry chirped.
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