Feeling the pain of loving Payne

Before Liam Payne left for the X-Factor 2 years ago he expressed his love fully to Hailey Smith and did not see her since. Little did he know he left Hailey pregnant with a daughter... Taylor Payne. If only Hailey would realize Liam still longs for her and a child of his own.


3. Flashbacks- such wonderful times

"You still mad at me babs?" I ask Taylor. It's been 3 days since I told her no 1D and she's still obviously upset ignoring me and keeping away. "Taylor c'mon" I sigh "Why mummy? Why can't I meet One Direction...why can't I meet daddy?" She asked "Oh so it's not just the concert that's bothering you huh" I say setting her on my lap she shakes her head brown eyes wide in frustration "Do I have a daddy?" She asks I shut my eyes thinking about her daddy. His brown hair... his brown eyes...his gentleness....I get up leaving Taylor in the room and shut my room sliding down the door tears streaming down my face. "Oh Liam" I mumbled into my hands. I started thinking of the time we met

"Mum I don't want to go" I decide looking at the big school in front of me. "You can't miss your first day of kinder love" My mum lectures holding tightly to my hand "What about Eddie?" I ask looking at the one year old in my mum's arms "Eddie will be fine" she assures "What if the kids don't like me?" I ask nervously "They'll love you go on" she insists I sigh entering the school looking back at my mum one last time. I entered the small room covered in fingerpaintings and Abc posters everywhere. "Stop that give that back!" Someone shouted next thing I knew I was tackled I opened my blue eyes to meet large brown eyes "Sorry...I'm really really sorry" he apologizes nervously helping me up "Someone juststole my car..." he mumbles "It's ok" I answer shyly "I'm Liam..." he says extending his hand "I'm Hailey" I answer shaking his hand finding myself more comfortable with this boy "We're gonna be bestfriends Hailey" Liam decides

I sobbed harder remembering his nickname for me and just those pleasent childhood moments

"Hailes!" Liam shouted joining me on the swings of our school of 4 years now. I absolutley despised the 3rd grade with the children constantly teasing me on haveing no friends but Liam...But they didn't seem to understand Liam is all I need because I had about the biggest crush on the planet on him and he was always there even just for minor scrapes... "Hey Liam" I answer "Look what Mikayla Turpit just gave me" Liam announces lifting a large cookie like it was some sort of treasure. "Nice" I answer looking away jealousy stinging my eyes with tears "Hey wanna split it?" He asks "Li...yum" I start to protest but he shoves the cookie in my mouth anyways "Hey Leeyum!" I laugh "Leeyummmmm!!!" I shout "Hailey!!!!" Liam shouts back "Your it" he adds tapping my shoulder than running away happily.

"Liam" I whispered thinking of his subtle pink lips which reminded me of my first heart-break in the 7th grade.

"Why are you mad it makes no sense do you not like Mikayla?" Liam asked following me down the street as I walked away from hm I gripped to my backpack straps tightly adjusting my knee high socks and skirt slightly I hated this stupid uniform... "No I don't like Mikayla! I've always hated Mikayla Turpit! And I don't see why as my bestfriend you would date her!" I lied "I don't see why as MY bestfriend you won't let me ask her out!" He shouted back "Maybe it's because I've had the biggest crush on you since 1st grade! Maybe it's because whenever you talk about a girl my heart breaks! Maybe it's because...I want you all to myself..." I exclaim whispering the last part and running away the black flats of my school uniform clicking my vision blurry I hear Liam follow me so I pick up my speed "Oof!" All the air is knocked out of me as someone tackles me to into Mrs.McLards front lawn I look up and see Liam with tears in his eyes his red tie hanging out of his sweater vest his blazer now as wrinkled as mine probaly is "What if I've liked you since the moment I tackled you in kinder? What if whenever I'm talking about a girl I'm thinking about you? What if now you have no choice but to keep me all to yourself?" He asks pressing his lips down on mine. His lips move with mine...we stay there for minutes enjoying our first kiss on a grumpy old lady's lawn.

My vision blurred with tears as I thought about the first time he said I love you...but a mere year later

"Do you want to get married some day Hailes?" Liam interupted the silence we shared staring at the clouds at the top of a large grassy hill "Yeah" I answer my head resting on his shoulder our hands held together our fingers intertwined. "With me?" He adds "Yes" I answer "Really?" He asks shutting his eyes happily "More than anything in the world" I assure "You know what I want more than anything in the world?" He asks "Hm" I hum "A baby...a baby named Taylor with you" he answers "I would love that" I respond "I love you" he says...ny heart stops I stay silent unsure of what to say I am only in the 8th grade...but does that matter? I know I'm inlove with Liam Payne I took a mental deep breath "I love you more"

How can my perfect adolcency change into my hard adult life. But wait I know how...I made the mistake of never telling Liam I was pregnant when he left...but is that a mistake? Letting him live his dream? And then there was the fact that the parents I held so dear left my world at the hands of a wreckless driver who happened to be an underage drinker. My life took a turn for the worst only to be lit up again with the love of my brother and daughter but even they couldn't replace what I lost...Liam Payne

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