Elizabeth was just a normal girl. She was spontanious, but she was Candor. Candor didn't want people to be fun, they needed people to be honest. She hated telling the truth, it was hard for her. Then the time came for the Choosing Ceremony, where they take a test and choose a different Faction. Will she choose her home Faction, Candor? Or will she choose Dauntless, Erudite, Abnegation, or Amity? This choice could change, even kill, everybody close to her. Is she willing to break hearts or make other people happy?

When she turns Dauntless, looses her friends, will she be happy?
When she enters her fearscape, will she loose the ones close to her?
What will happen when she has to choose Faction over Blood?

Find out in this book!


2. Chapter Two

They call 10 names at a time. 1 boy and 1 girl from each Faction. I fold my hands together and play with my thumbs. The time comes for new takers and they call the names. I don't pay attention to the other Factions name, but then I hear my name. "For Candor, Elizabeth Carter and Jon WhiteSide."I get up and walk to the front. They walk me into rooms that reflect as mirrors, and I se my nervous self in them. 

We finally reach another mirrored room and I walk inside. I have a Abnegation women as my tester. She puts a cord onto my forehead, gentle not to hurt me, and then attaches one to herself. "Take this. It won't hurt." She says softly and hands me a glass of what looks like milk. I smile and drink it fastly. Discusting. I bite my tongue, so I don't say anything. I drift off to sleep a short while later. 

I wake up and I'm in the cafeteria again. I look on the table and see two baskets. One with a knife and the other, some cheese. "Choose." A woman's voice booms. I nod and gulp. I choose the knife. I grab the handle and hold it in my palm. The baskets disappear and a door opens. I look and see a dog. More like a mutt. It growls, its head low, prowling for pray. I realize I have to kill it. Kill or be killed. I grip the knife and swallow my fear. I throw the knife toward the dog and it hits it's skull. It sinks down onto the floor and I purse my lips together, preparing to cry. Then it goes black.

I look around and I'm on a bus. I hold onto a pole and I see a man with a newpaper. "Do you know this guy?" He asks, more like demands to me. He shows me the paper and the headline says, 'Murderer'. He looks familiar but I won't say. I could get in trouble. "Well?" He growls at me. "Do you?" I gulp my fear down again and force the words out. "No. I don't." I snap at him. He puts the paper down and stares at me. If looks could kill... I think to myself. "You're lying." He snaps back and I squint my eyes at him. "Prove it." I say calmly. "I can see it in your eyes." He replies. I lift an eyebrow and ask, "Are you Candor? I don't think so." and he says, "If you know him. You could save me. Save me!!" I make myself appear taller and say, "I don't though." 

I wake up again with a jolt. I'm in the room with the mirrors again. I sigh and lean back in the chair. I see the woman and she takes the thing off my head. I chew my cheek, waiting for her to say something. Anything. She types something into her computer and looks at me. "Well," She says slowly. "Good job." Good job? I think. GOOD JOB?! That's it?! I decide not to hurt her, but let her finish. "Elizabeth, your results say Dauntless." She leans forward in her chair, her hands folded on her knees. I lick my lips and say, "And?" I try to be polite, but it sounds eager. "And that's it." She says smoothly. She gets up and smoothes her plain clothes, stretching out a hand to help me up. I grab it and pull myself up. We walk out together and I walk back in the cafeteria. 

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