Elizabeth was just a normal girl. She was spontanious, but she was Candor. Candor didn't want people to be fun, they needed people to be honest. She hated telling the truth, it was hard for her. Then the time came for the Choosing Ceremony, where they take a test and choose a different Faction. Will she choose her home Faction, Candor? Or will she choose Dauntless, Erudite, Abnegation, or Amity? This choice could change, even kill, everybody close to her. Is she willing to break hearts or make other people happy?

When she turns Dauntless, looses her friends, will she be happy?
When she enters her fearscape, will she loose the ones close to her?
What will happen when she has to choose Faction over Blood?

Find out in this book!


10. Chapter Ten

He grabs me by the hand. "Hey, let's go get some cake." He says it like it would make me a million times better. "Cake?" I ask, kinda mean. "Yes! The best cake you could have!" He laughs and I roll my eyes. "Fine." We walk down to the cafeteria.

He places down the plate of two pieces of cake. I grab a fork and he looks at me. "What?" I giggle and he smiles. "Waiting for you to try your first piece." He seems true about it and I nod. I take a small piece and slide it into my mouth. I chew it. Delicious!!! He laughs and I bet the look was on my face. "You like it?" He asks, more like a sentence. I nod and eat more cake. He digs into his too.

We finish and look at each other. We burst out laughing and I get a napkin. He has the chocolate all over his face. I dap the tip of the napkin against my tongue and wipe the chocolate off his face and he does the same with me. When he finishes, he caresses my face and leans in. I lean in too and we kiss perfectly. Not hard, but smooth. Like two puzzle pieces, we fit together perfectly. Including our features. I have brown curly hair and green eyes. He has the same. 

He pulls away first and I pout playfully. He laughs and taps my nose. "It's okay, Liz." I laugh and stick out my tongue. He gets up and I do too, and he holds his hand out for me to grab. I grab it almost right away, and we walk out to the Pit. We walk toward a hallway, but Harry's friends, Todd and Tony, stop us again. They look at our hands and at Harry. "We need to talk." They say sternly and rip him away from me. They walk away, into the hallway we were going to.

A girl comes up to me and says, "Oh! Harry likes you!" I laugh and blush. She pats me back, a little too hard. "Stay," She grits her teeth and digs her nails into my spine. "Away from him!!" I gag and jam away from her. "Don't tell me what to do!" I yell at her and grab her hair. She slaps my left cheek and I growl. I jump on top of her and trap her. By now, a crowd has gathered. I pull my left arm up, getting ready to punch her.

I feel a hand wrap around my arm, and then my other. They pull me back and I look. It's Harry. I scream at him, causing him to look shocked. "STOP! I need to hurt her!!" He pulls me away toward the hallway we were going to. Tony ran with us, to keep me from running out there again. 

"What was that?!"

"Don't worry about it!"

"You got into a fight!"

"So?! What's your business?!"

"You could of gotten hurt!"

I zone out. You could of gotten hurt! The words ring in my head. he didn't just like me, he wanted to protect me. 

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