Elizabeth was just a normal girl. She was spontanious, but she was Candor. Candor didn't want people to be fun, they needed people to be honest. She hated telling the truth, it was hard for her. Then the time came for the Choosing Ceremony, where they take a test and choose a different Faction. Will she choose her home Faction, Candor? Or will she choose Dauntless, Erudite, Abnegation, or Amity? This choice could change, even kill, everybody close to her. Is she willing to break hearts or make other people happy?

When she turns Dauntless, looses her friends, will she be happy?
When she enters her fearscape, will she loose the ones close to her?
What will happen when she has to choose Faction over Blood?

Find out in this book!


6. Chapter Six

I get up from my chair and run out of the cafeteria into the hallway. I sink down on the wall and bury my face in my face. Elizabeth! Focus! I hear a voice say in my head. Think the situation! I nod to my voice and think about it. My name is Elizabeth Carter. I am 16. I just chose Dauntless. My best friend chose Erudite. I am in the hallway. That's all I can come up with. I slowly get up and walk back into the cafeteria. A scrawny boy is choosing his faction. I sit down in my spot and avoid eye contact with anybody. I fold my hands onto the table and stare at them. 

After everybody has gone, I run with the Dauntless to the stairs. I hear hoots and hollers and we run down the stairs. I smile and I can't keep up with my feet. I stumble down and with the packed people, fall into somebodies back. They turn around and I stare into the eyes of a beautiful green eyed boy. He smiles and laughs and I get off his back. "Sorry..." I say quietly. "Don't be! You can ride on my back." He tells me and I smile. I hop on his back and laugh. He runs down the stairs and we finally make it outside. I hop off his back and I hear a train horn. "Get ready to hop!!" I hear a loud voice yell to everybody and my eyes widen. "WHAT?!?!" The boy looks and at and takes my hand. "It's okay... It's okay. You can do this. Just run and grab the pole, swing in. Okay?" I nod and breathe heavily. "My name is Harry." The train comes closer and he says, "I will do it with you." He walks to the front of the line and I follow, with his hand in mine. "Ready?!" he yells over the squeal of metal and I shake my head no and he laughs and runs. I pump my arms hard and fast and he gets there first. He swings in with ease and I grab the bar with one of my hands and automaticly swing my other hand on it. I grab on tight and my body rises up. I swing my legs into the cart and let go of the bar. I huff heavily and look at Harry. I swing my arms around him. "Thank you." I whisper and he replies, "No problem." 

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