Elizabeth was just a normal girl. She was spontanious, but she was Candor. Candor didn't want people to be fun, they needed people to be honest. She hated telling the truth, it was hard for her. Then the time came for the Choosing Ceremony, where they take a test and choose a different Faction. Will she choose her home Faction, Candor? Or will she choose Dauntless, Erudite, Abnegation, or Amity? This choice could change, even kill, everybody close to her. Is she willing to break hearts or make other people happy?

When she turns Dauntless, looses her friends, will she be happy?
When she enters her fearscape, will she loose the ones close to her?
What will happen when she has to choose Faction over Blood?

Find out in this book!


5. Chapter Five

I hear claps and cheers and hollers from the audience. I look at my faction and I see my mom. She looks sad, or may I say unhappy. I look away before I cry. I walk back to my seat and look at Todd. He looks down, maybe sad? I shrug it off. Soon, we will be together. "Todd Jones" I hear over the speakers and I shoot my head up, looking at Todd slowly walking gloomily to the stage. He walks up the stairs and I look at the new knife. He takes it and walks over to the bowls. I chew my lip excitedly. I holds his hand out and cuts into his skin. I watch as his thick blood falls and ripple in the water. I let out a small squeal and I taste blood. I bit my lip too hard. Todd gives me a sorrowfull look and I feel a tear fall down my cheek.

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