Elizabeth was just a normal girl. She was spontanious, but she was Candor. Candor didn't want people to be fun, they needed people to be honest. She hated telling the truth, it was hard for her. Then the time came for the Choosing Ceremony, where they take a test and choose a different Faction. Will she choose her home Faction, Candor? Or will she choose Dauntless, Erudite, Abnegation, or Amity? This choice could change, even kill, everybody close to her. Is she willing to break hearts or make other people happy?

When she turns Dauntless, looses her friends, will she be happy?
When she enters her fearscape, will she loose the ones close to her?
What will happen when she has to choose Faction over Blood?

Find out in this book!


8. Chapter Eight

(If you guys are wondering how to pronounce Lieh, you say it like this: Lee Yeh. :) )

I walk with Harry to something called The Pit, and when I see it, I immediantly know why they call it that. People swarm around the busied place, going to wherever they please. We seperate ways and I go with the transfers, to our dorm. The girl I met, Lieh, is a trainer. She tells us that this is the dorm we are sleeping in, where the bathrooms and showers are, and when to come back here. She dismisses us and I smile, walking to the Pit. I look around for Harry, and find him with a group of boys that are about 2 times the size of me. Be brave. Be Dauntless I tell myself and I walk to Harry. I poke his arm and smile at him and he laughs. "Ooo!" One of the boys coo. "Is that your little girlfriend Harry?" They all laugh and I can see the steam coming from Harry's nose. "No!" He snaps. I feel something tighten in my chest. "She's just a friend!" He takes my hand and leads me away. "Sorry." He explains. "That was Tony and Todd." I feel as if all the air was taken out of me. I choke back tears but to no avail. I burst out crying and he gasps. "I'm sorry! Was it something I said?" I shake my head no and cover my face with my hands. Todd. I miss him too much now. he takes my hands from my face and holds them out. "Hey.." He whispers. Tears are streaming from my face and I try to stop them, but they won't. 

He looks frightened and leans in quickly, stopping the sobbing from my mouth. We don't move, just the presence of him is enough. I close my eyes and he does too, and we just stand there, our lips together. He pulls away and says, "You okay?" Like nothing happened. I put on a weak smile and nod. "Good." He says and shows a crooked grin. I choke out a little laugh and he chuckles. "Come on. I've got to show you something." We run into a shop and I look around. It's a tattoo parlor. I gasp and he squeezes my hand. "It doesn't hurt as much as it looks." He sits me down in a chair. "I'm getting you a tattoo." He says, not a question, but more like a command. I smile and nod. He calls over a worker and they nod as he tells them something. 

I take his hand as they make the tattoo. I bite my tongue from crying, but my eyes are dried out. He finishes and I look at it. It's a picture of the Dauntless symbol. A red circle with fire in it. I smile and hug him. "Thanks." I whisper. He just nods and takes me out of the parlor.

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