The Blind will see :)

Savannah wasnt normal..... She was in a bad car accident when she was 13 and it left her blind. She's 15 now. She's as normal as she can be. She loves One Direction, has friends, and a great family. When she has the chance to get her sight back with the help of One Direction, will she decide to write or is it to painful?? Only time will tell


5. The Truth

Harry sat next to me. I started to cry. He put his arm around me. I started my story. "I was in a car accident when I was 13, I got so hurt that I lost my eyesight. There is a procedure that i could have done to get my sight back, but it cost over 100 thousand dollars, and my family can't afford it. So when  my friend told me about the contest, I thought that if I won, you guys could help me get my sight back, maybe." Harry started to talk, and by how his voice sounded, it sounded it like he was crying. "So that story was yours?" I nod. He hugs me for like 5 minutes. Then Louis says, "Savannah, I don't know about the mates, but I will do whatever I can to help you get your sight back, OK?" Zayn, Niall, and Liam agreed. Harry said, "I will make sure you get your sight back, I swear on it." I smiled. Then I remembered Monica. "Hey guys, this is Monica, she drove me here." They all thank her for bringing me here tonight. Harry then says, "Monica, if you want to go to home, I'll drive Savannah home." Monica replies "Do you mind Savannah?" "Nope, I;m cool, you can go home." I say. She leaves and Harry holds my hand. "I can;t wait till you get your sight back, then you can finally see me." he says. Then he takes my hand and puts it on his head. "Curly hair, what color??" I say. "Brown." he says. I smile. We laugh together. We spend the rest of the night having fun, all six of us. Harry drives me home at 11:30 p.m. The whole car trip home, I think to myself. "I have fallen in love with Harry Styles, One of the most popular boys in the whole world! He's going to leave in 3 days and I will never see him ever again." He stops in front of my house. I start to get out, he grabs my hand, "Wait Savannah." I turn around, "Yes?" He replied, "I really like you, no wait, I love you, you are like no one I have ever met before, you don't freak out and scream when you see us, your beautiful, funny, and just plain wonderful." I put my hand on his mouth. He was smiling. "Tell me how you feel, please be honest." he says. "I.....well, I love you Harry. I say. "You do?" he replies. "Yes, I do." I say. 'Well, will you be my girl-friend?" He asks. "Yes, Harry, I will." Before I get out for the second time, he says, "When you get your sight back, I'm going to kiss you." "Why not now?' I say. "Cause I want you to see my face when I do, babe." He replies. "Ok, then lets set up that appointment!!" I say, then we both laugh. "Bye Harry." I say. "Bye Savannah, I love you." He says. "Ditto." I sang. I walk inside the house, go to my room, and close the door. Then I scream "YAHE" so loud that I think I just woke up the whole block.

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