The Blind will see :)

Savannah wasnt normal..... She was in a bad car accident when she was 13 and it left her blind. She's 15 now. She's as normal as she can be. She loves One Direction, has friends, and a great family. When she has the chance to get her sight back with the help of One Direction, will she decide to write or is it to painful?? Only time will tell


3. The day just got better

I got home and put my phone under my magnifying glass to see if I had any new messages. I did, I had 8. 3 were from the girls to say how happy and proud they were for me. I replied quickly to them. The other 5 I didn't have saved in my contacts. I opened one. It said "I read your story to the boys, we loved it. Can't wait to meet you, Savannah - Harry x." I read the next one. "Your story was SO inspiring to all of us, can't wait to meet you. Liam :)" Ok, now I was starting to freak out! Either 2 boys named Harry and Liam from my school were texting me, or One Direction had my number and was texting me!!!!! I opened another one. "You are SO cool, When can we meet you, Savannah? Niall :P" Awhe, this is so sweet. The last 2 said, "You are now one of the coolest people ever! I want to meet you So bad! Zayn :D" and "When I heard Harry read your story to us, I almost cried. You are so wonderful in every way  I can't WAIT to meet YOU!!!  Louis :D <3" I couldn't believe this....... They couldn't wait to meet me!!! They were one of the most popular groups in the country and I was a blind normal girl in every way. I replied to all of them. I got a reply from Harry. "Can't wait to see you at the concert tomorrow - Harry x." I smiled. I replied "Me either :)"

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