The Blind will see :)

Savannah wasnt normal..... She was in a bad car accident when she was 13 and it left her blind. She's 15 now. She's as normal as she can be. She loves One Direction, has friends, and a great family. When she has the chance to get her sight back with the help of One Direction, will she decide to write or is it to painful?? Only time will tell


1. Prologue

"Mom, your driving to fast, slow down!!" I yell my mom as she almost runs a red light. "Stop shouting in the

car!!!" she says, stopping so fast I thanked the Lord I had my seat belt on. "Mom, I'm only 13, you are giving

real bad car advice, I can get my permit in like 2 years!" I reply. "Right, well, a rule of the road is to not

almost or run a red light, and don't ever drive any where without your seat belt on!" she says. "Ok, thanks,

yeah that's some great advice" I say sarcastically. She looks at me just as I rolled my eyes out the window

. We don't talk anymore  for like 15 minutes. Then my mom starts speeding again, she runs 4 almost red lights

and at the last one I'm now very mad. "Stop mom, plea...." I don't get to finish my sentence because another

car comes into the intersection and rams right into my side, and my vision goes dark.

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