The Blind will see :)

Savannah wasnt normal..... She was in a bad car accident when she was 13 and it left her blind. She's 15 now. She's as normal as she can be. She loves One Direction, has friends, and a great family. When she has the chance to get her sight back with the help of One Direction, will she decide to write or is it to painful?? Only time will tell


11. My Eyes Have Seen The Light.

I run to Harry. He hugs me. We cry together for at least 5 minutes. I look at his face, his beautiful face, his beautiful curly brown curls. I love him so much more now, now that I can see his face. "Your beautiful. " I say to him. "You are way more beautiful than me." he says back. I smile. "We should plan our date for tonight." he says. "We should have a picnic at the park and cuddle together under the stars" I say. We smile. I started to cry again. "What's wrong?" he asks. "I'm so happy right now I have never been happier in my entire life." I say.  "I have never been this happy since the boys and I became a band, but this moment is a little bit better." He rubs his nose against mine as he says this. We both smile. We spend the rest of the afternoon together. Harry and I held hands the whole time. "This is the best day of my life." I thought.

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