Secretly Wishing

When her mother dies, the only thing Violet has is her father. He remarries. And he just so happens to marry the most popular girl's mother. But when a sudden, deadly disease has her father in the hospital all the time, Violet has to suffer in the wretched clutches of her stepmother. Violet has to find a way to get to that one event she desperately wants to attend. Prom.


3. Risking it All

  I run down the hall with my heart racing. I open Chantele's door and race to her walk-in closet. I grap the knobs tightly, and open it quickly. There it is. The dress. With a devious sneer on my face, I grab the silky dress from the hook and run out of the closet. I literaly rip off my "clothes" and jump into the dress. Not to big, not to snug...perfect. I look at my reflection in the mirror. Is that me? I haven't seen my reflection in a really long time...   I smooth down the the white bottom. I finger at the shiny, clear jewels covering the halter strap. I twirl in the long, graceful dress. I feel beautiful. Something catched my eye as I twirl around. A note stuck on the back of the dress. I rip it off and bring it closer to my eyes.

It was your mother's...

with love from Dad XOXO


I freeze. A tear slides down my pale cheek. Why was my mother's dress in Chantele's closet? She's not his daughter, I am. I cry harder. My memories stray to when my father chased me around the living room. I laughed and laughed. My mother sat near us, rubbing her big stomach. She was pregnant with a girl. She always forced a smile, not showing the real pain she was enduring. Oh, how happy I was to be a big sister soon. But two months after, I hated the child. She's what killed my mother. She's what made my dad remarry to a witch. And look where he is now. The hospital.

I shake the thought out of my mind. I rub my tears away with my palms. Then I notice them. My fingernails. They are disgusting. I rush to the nearest bathroom and scrub my hands and nails thouroughly until they are spotless. I wash my face with a steamy cloth and even put on a little makeup. I'm surprised I still remeber how.  And after shaving my legs and sprinkling perfume on my neck and wrists, I brush my teeth with a guest tootbrush. I just need shoes, I think while tapping my chin. "Ah!" I exclaim. I got an idea. I remember the yard sale Donna and Chantele were going to have next week. How could I forget? All the girls who worship Chantele at school were talking about it! Maybe they are selling used shoes? I rummage through Chantele's closet and finally found a box labled, "To sell". I open the brown flaps and dig through the purses and shirts. There's only one pair there. And they were clear. "Whatever," I think out loud and slip them on. Just right. I'm surprised they even fit Chantele one time in her life, they were tiny, just right for me. Something catches my eye in the corner of her closet. Something shiny. Something beautiful. I grab the pretty object. A  rich, purple pin shaped like a flower. On the back is ingrained:

To our beautiful Violet, we love you -Mom and Dad

It all comes to me. The beautiful pin my mother and father gave to me when I was seven on Christmas. I stroke the petals on the delicate pin and smile. I return to the mirror and stick the pin on the dress, where my heart is.


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