Secretly Wishing

When her mother dies, the only thing Violet has is her father. He remarries. And he just so happens to marry the most popular girl's mother. But when a sudden, deadly disease has her father in the hospital all the time, Violet has to suffer in the wretched clutches of her stepmother. Violet has to find a way to get to that one event she desperately wants to attend. Prom.


6. Happiness

   "Have fun tonight, sweetie," the woman says, handing me my change. I plop it in the clutch and walk through the door. My heart throbs to the beat of the pounding music. Couples are dancing on the dance floor. Smiles are spread across people's face's. Friends laugh with each other. A few girls look at me as I walk down the staircase. I'm usually used to mean glares, not envious glares. Some boys stare at me, and I feel sort of umcomfortable. I see Chantele dancing with her boyfriend, who peeks at me a little. My hands start to sweat. I continue to glide down the stairs when a light flashes into my face. I immediately cover my eyes with my arms. I gradually lower my arms and face the blinding light. Why are they shining it at me? The spotlight should be on someone else. A chorous of spine-chilling whistles are thrown at me. Guys were whistling. What was that supposed to mean? The powerful light does not budge so I continue to step down the stairs. Girls surrounding me whisper to each other and shoot dirty looks at me. What were they whispering? Finally the light finds another suspect, Chantele's boyfriend, Jake. Everyone applauds. Except Chantele..who steps away from her boyfriend, out of the way of the light, and looks at me. Someone behind me pushes my back. I turn around to see a blond shooing me away, smiling. "What?", I ask, narrowing my eyes. "GO DANCE WITH JAKE!", she screams over the loud music. "Why would I dance with my step-sis....uhhh...with Jake?",I question, hating myself for almost blowing my cover. "CUZZZZ, THE LIGHT SHINED ON YOU AND JAKE...REMEMBER?" she snaps. "So?", I throw back, crossing my arms on me chest. "Puh-rom king and queen?! Ring a bell?", her annoying, nasaly voice hurts my ears. My stomach drops. Was I excited? Happy? Scared to death that Chantele would recognize me? Yes. She would be furious. She would automatically hate the girl who was chosen to be prom queen...along with her boyfriend! I giggled nervously and walked towards the stage, all eyes on me. Everyone had fake smiles on their faces. My hands shook as I strolled through the huge, silent gym. My heart beat starting racing. I was starting to sweat. One of the teachers was standing in the middle of the stage and had a wide, fake smile. In her wrinkly, vainy hand was a microphone. She shoved the mic onto my lips.  I pulled the mic away nervously and wiped off the lip stick that was on it. "Ummm, hi. Uhh, thanks for picking me," I lower my voice to sound unrecognizable,"It means,er, a lot. Bye." Snickers come from the crowd.

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