Secretly Wishing

When her mother dies, the only thing Violet has is her father. He remarries. And he just so happens to marry the most popular girl's mother. But when a sudden, deadly disease has her father in the hospital all the time, Violet has to suffer in the wretched clutches of her stepmother. Violet has to find a way to get to that one event she desperately wants to attend. Prom.


5. Frozen

'My mouth hangs open. The old woman searches my stunned face. Her gleaming blue eyes settles on mine, "Y-your eyes...they're awfully pretty. My daughter's daughter had beautiful violet eyes, just like yours." She turns to face the road. "Awfully pretty," she repeats in a low, throaty whisper. How should I say this?, I think, Hi grandma? "Uhhh, Ms. Rosa?" I stutter. "Yes Ms. Daniels?" she asks, with her eyes locked on the road. "Actually, my last name is..," I clear my throat, "Simon."  "How strange...that was my daughter's husband's last name," she nearly whispers. I couldn't take it anymore. "Ms. Rosa....I am your daughter's daughter, Violet Simon," I say loud and clear. The old woman turns to face me, "What?"  I take a deep breath and look striaght into the woman's clueless eyes. "When I was seven, my mother, Angie, died during pregnency. My father, George Simon, remarried to Donna Daniels, the pop icon from the eighties. She has a daughter, Chantele Daniels? Ring a bell?", I search her face for any hint of rememberance of the information. Rosa crinkles her eyebrows at me. "Violet?" she asks and pulls the car into a familiar parking lot. "Yes! Your remember me?" I rejoice. "I haven't seen you in nine years!" she gasps. "Actually, ten," I correct her with a smile spread across my face. "Oh, Violet," she wraps her arms around me. I hear sniffles at my shoulder. She dabs her blue eyes with a hankerchief that was buried in her pocket and shoos me away, "I'll pick you up later, no charge, I'll drop you off by eleven," she says. "Um...grandma?", I ask as I unbuckle. She shoves the damp hankerchief in her pocket on her jacket, "Yes?"  "Can I stay with you for the night? Donna won't be thrilled to see I haven't done my chores," I frown, begging with my wide eyes. "Why of course, honey," her leathery cheeks turn rosy. "Thank you, bye," I ask with a grin. "Wait! Do you have the money to pay for the Prom?" she asks with a hint of concern in her voice. A concern I have craved for ten years... "Just fifteen dollars for the ride, but you didn't want it so...," I say, pulling the money out of Chantele's old clutch. "Here, she digs around in her pocket and pulls out a neat wad of twenty dollars. "Oh, grandma," I whisper. "Keep it, all of it. I hear Donna's not the nicest creature," her blue eyes flicker with mischief. I thank her with a wide smile and head to the main entrance.

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