Secretly Wishing

When her mother dies, the only thing Violet has is her father. He remarries. And he just so happens to marry the most popular girl's mother. But when a sudden, deadly disease has her father in the hospital all the time, Violet has to suffer in the wretched clutches of her stepmother. Violet has to find a way to get to that one event she desperately wants to attend. Prom.


2. Dazed

"A reject?!" I ask, stunned. Chantele's eyebrows furrow in the middle, "Why settle for that, when you can have this!" She gestures to a hot pink, flashy dress lying on her huge bed. My jaw drops. It's covered in glitter, especially the top. I'm surprised I haven't noticed it at the other side of the hall. The dress, in my opinion, is a little over the top. "It's an original," Chantele explains while stroking the white pearls at the top. I turn away from the low-cut dress, sort of disgusted and turn to face the one in the closet. Then it hits me..."Wait, why do you have these dresses?" Chantele freezes, her mouth half-open, "It's Prom tonight, you idiot!", she nearly screams. "Prom? Tonight?", I ask. "Duh! Now get OUT!" she pushes my shoulders. I lower my head and turn on my bare heel. I turn to see Chantele's thin arms crossed over her chest. "Um, Chantele?" I ask in a small, delicate voice. "What?" she says through her bleached teeth. "Uhhh, do you think I can borrow that other dress for prom," I ask as I widen my big, hopeful eyes. And she cackles right in my face.


1. Dust the shelves in the library

2. Wash the dishes

3. Call the decorater for my seventeenth birthday party :)

4. Vacuum my room again

5. Dust the pictures in all the rooms

6. Brush Princess's fur (100 times each side)

7. Make the beds in all five guest bedroom

8. Clean the cabana (make sure you cover up the hot tub)

9. Dust mom's music awards and my beauty pageant medals (CAREFUL!)

Chantele's neat, girly writing was scibbled arcoss a napkin on the table. I pluck it off and sigh. I stagger to the library.

I reach as high as I can on the step ladder and carefully dust the top shelf. A puff of dust spreads around me. I fan the dust away. I looked at the various books lined neatly across the shelf. One catches my eye..."How to Suceed". I grad it gently and dust the cover. I flip to a random page. And to my surprise, the chapter is called, "Trapped". I step down the ladder cautiously and read the first three sentences thouroughly.

Sometimes in life, you have to make your own luck. You have to risk it, or you will never get it. If you don't risk it, you'll be trapped forever.

Trapped forever?, I think. I slam the book closed. It all applied to my life. I am already trapped. I want to escape from this mansion and never come back. I know what I have to do. I have to go to Prom.


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