Missing Darcy

"Darcy was the one thing that had kept Stella and I together, and now she had turned into the thing that was tearing us apart..."

Harry and Stella's once-strong relationship was completely erased. Harry unaware, Stella found out she was carrying Harry's baby. Determined to get Stella back, Harry stuck by her side nonstop after Darcy was born. Upon taking care of her, they learned things about each other and were brought closer than ever before. Darcy was their miracle.

Until she went missing.


6. When Tragedy Happens, Your Mind Wanders

*~sorry for shorter chapter~*

"So where are we off to?" asked Zayn.

"The police have found Darcy's backpack," I explained.   

"That's a good sign!" yelled Louis.

"Well, not really," I said. "I don't mean to be the dream crusher here, but it's Darcy that they're looking for, not her backpack."

They all sighed as we climbed into the car. Clearly, Niall had taken this the hardest.

The car ride was quiet.

It turned out that it was, in fact, Darcy's backpack that was found, hanging on the chainlink fence I had discovered. Out of curiosity, Darcy's lunch WAS in fact in there. She hadn't forgotten it at all.

Darcy hadn't forgotten her lunch. If she never thought she forgot it, I wouldn't have reached behind me to go through her backpack. Which meant that I could have seen the car coming straight at us. The accident wouldn't have happened. Darcy wouldn't be missing right now. I could have prevented this.

"I could have prevented this."

Louis turned to look at me. "What?"

I repeated what I said.

He put his head down for a moment. "You never know," he began. "What if, if you hadn't gotten into this accident today, something happened to her at preschool? It would have been inevitable."

"You'll still never know," added Niall, his sad eyes staring up at me. 

"I know," I said. I bet Stella was thinking the same thing. I could only hope that we could find Darcy fast.



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