Missing Darcy

"Darcy was the one thing that had kept Stella and I together, and now she had turned into the thing that was tearing us apart..."

Harry and Stella's once-strong relationship was completely erased. Harry unaware, Stella found out she was carrying Harry's baby. Determined to get Stella back, Harry stuck by her side nonstop after Darcy was born. Upon taking care of her, they learned things about each other and were brought closer than ever before. Darcy was their miracle.

Until she went missing.


9. Waiting

I had been sitting on the front porch for nearly two hours. 


Waiting for Darcy to get off the bus like this was a normal day.

Waiting for Stella to get out of our room.

Waiting to get the courage to go back inside.

And most importantly, waiting to make a decision. A big one.

The door creaked open behind me and immediately I felt a pair of shoes hit my back. And then another pair. Soon, handfuls of dresses still on hangers and piles of children's books were scattered all across the front porch and our front lawn. A pair of warm hands rubbed by back and I heard Stella say, "Now it really feels like she's gone." I didn't want to argue with her that to me, it always felt like she was gone, so I nodded my head. That same night I went back outside and picked everything up.

With each passing day, Stella seemed to be feeling quite better. I, on the other hand, felt worse and worse. 

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