Missing Darcy

"Darcy was the one thing that had kept Stella and I together, and now she had turned into the thing that was tearing us apart..."

Harry and Stella's once-strong relationship was completely erased. Harry unaware, Stella found out she was carrying Harry's baby. Determined to get Stella back, Harry stuck by her side nonstop after Darcy was born. Upon taking care of her, they learned things about each other and were brought closer than ever before. Darcy was their miracle.

Until she went missing.


2. Home Again

All three of us, Darcy, Stella, and I, were driving back to my place. Stella had never been there before because I had bought it after we were broken up. I hope she didn't mind. I didn't want her to be mad at me. She just didn't understand that she wasn't the only one hurting right now.

I kept glancing at the rearview mirror to check that her and the baby were okay. I don't know how to describe it, but once you become a parent you have this sense of protection about you that can't be experienced otherwise. It made you realize that the life of this tiny, newborn baby you were holding was literally in your hands. 

Stella's head was leaning against the window, rocking back and forth to the movement of the car. One hand rested on Darcy's blanket. 

We had reached the house. I unbuckled first to help the girls out. I reached out to take Stella's hand but she pushed it aside. She attempted to grab Darcy's carrier but I beat her to it. We both staggered into the house, stiff and exhausted. The sun had just barely come up, but we felt like the opposite.

"Well," Stella said as we walked through the large wooden front door, speaking the first words she had to me all day, "I guess the baby will have to sleep somewhere."

I led her upstairs to where the many spare bedrooms were located and stopped in front of a white door, identical to the others. This wasn't a spare bedroom, though. Stella opened the door and her hand dropped form the knob. 

This was Darcy's nursery. Those days of anticipation led me to decorating this incredibly pink room. It was complete with a crib, changing table, and everything else you could possibly need to care for a baby. I don't know what I was expecting from Stella, but I definitely did't get a reaction. If she loved it or hated it, she didn't show it. She just gently picked up Darcy and sat down in the pink rocking chair. Then she looked up at me.

"I kind of have to feed her, so..."

"Right," I said, blushing slightly, "I'll just, um, go wash your clothes from the hospital then." 

"Okay. Make sure you don't mix lights and darks. Those are good clothes." I rolled my eyes, in spite of myself.

I was carrying the basket down the hall to the laundry room past the nursery, when I stopped. I had to make sure my eyes weren't playing tricks on me. Stella was crying. She wasn't supposed to be crying. She was supposed to love it.

Stella was bent over, elbows on knees, hands covering face, crying. I held back, but part of me didn't want to. Actually, most of me wanted to. She was a mess right now. I dropped the basket quietly and leaned on the doorway, watching. 

She heard Darcy stir. Wiping her eyes, but tears still spilling over, she stood up and walked over to Darcy. Darcy's weensy body was lifted up and fit perfectly in Stella's arms as she sat back in the rocking chair. It was truly a perfect moment. Stella looked down at Darcy, and Darcy raised a chubby arm in the air, reaching toward Stella. I took out my phone and snapped a picture, too cute to resist. 

Stella's eyes diverted to the nightstand next to her. Her tears returned full force as she picked up a picture, but this time she was smiling. I knew exactly what picture it was. I had put it there on purpose. 

It was a beautiful picture of me and her in Puerto Rico, with the sky so blue and palm trees perfectly framed you would have thought it was staged, but it wasn't. We went there for our 2 year anniversary. I was looking at the camera, with my signature smirk on my face that worked on Stella the best. She was laughing, as she did constantly back then, her head on my shoulder and her eyes on me. 

Stella spoke, apparently to anyone around to hear. "I still love you."

I realized she was talking about me.

"I want this back. I miss you."

She took one last look at the picture and at Darcy and returned them both to their original places. She started to get up to leave, so I quickly and quietly made it look like i hadn't been standing there that whole time. But she never came out of the room. I peeked in the doorway once again. She stood in the middle of the room, staring at nothing in particular, with her back turned to me. I crept up behind her, pretending I didn't know she was crying, and wrapped my arms around her. She turned around and gently hugged me back. I let it last for only a few seconds before kissing the top of her head and pulling away.

"Just put your laundry in. You wanted them all in one load right?"

She smiled one of those barely-a-smiles she's mastered.

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