Missing Darcy

"Darcy was the one thing that had kept Stella and I together, and now she had turned into the thing that was tearing us apart..."

Harry and Stella's once-strong relationship was completely erased. Harry unaware, Stella found out she was carrying Harry's baby. Determined to get Stella back, Harry stuck by her side nonstop after Darcy was born. Upon taking care of her, they learned things about each other and were brought closer than ever before. Darcy was their miracle.

Until she went missing.


8. Dreams

The following morning was like the poles had shifted.

I woke up and Stella was already making breakfast. I hobbled over and stood behind her,  placing my hands on her shoulders. She shrugged me off. I tugged at the tie around her fuzzy robe as I scooted past her in the kitchen. She dropped what she was doing and spun around.

"What's up with you?" I asked.

"How's your knee?" she asked disinterestedly and avoided my question.


"Good. Waffle?" she asked me while she held up two plates of delicious looking waffles. I grabbed one of them and we both made our way to the table. She dug in right away; I held off, studying her. She noticed and pointed her fork at my plate.

"I'm concerned you're trying to poison me based on your behavior this morning," I said, half joking. "You were so different last night,"

She put down her fork and held her face in her hands. Her messy morning hair covered her neck.

Looking up, she said "I had a dream last night."

"We were both searching out by that fence near where the accident happened. Only we were watching, hiding almost, behind the fence. There was probably some secret opening or something. Anyway, I could see all of the police officers and EMT's by your car. They were loading a body bag into the car. A pink hi-top was sticking out," Stella's voice caught. 

"Oh Stell, that doesn't have to mean anything-"

"But it made me realize the what ifs? What if Darcy out there, desperate for us to find her? Or what if sh'es not alive to ask that anymore?"

I sighed. She was carrying herself away. "Can this wait until after breakfast? You made these wonderful waffles and I would love to enjoy them," I said. "And you know what? I also had a dream last night. We flew unicorns over Brazil and threw confetti and candy to the people under us. And then I went on to win a gold medal for the Olympic diving team. And you know what? My dream is more realistic than yours."

Stella got up, and threw her plate in the sink. The sound of the fork clattering rang my ears. 

Our bedroom door slammed shut. Stella jumped onto the bed, put a pillow over her head, and screamed. 




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