Missing Darcy

"Darcy was the one thing that had kept Stella and I together, and now she had turned into the thing that was tearing us apart..."

Harry and Stella's once-strong relationship was completely erased. Harry unaware, Stella found out she was carrying Harry's baby. Determined to get Stella back, Harry stuck by her side nonstop after Darcy was born. Upon taking care of her, they learned things about each other and were brought closer than ever before. Darcy was their miracle.

Until she went missing.


5. A Whole New Investigation

As if on cue, my phone rang. Stella was calling me. I tried to sound as less worried as possible, given the situation.

"H-Hello?" I stuttered. "Oh my god, babe, are you okay? Is Darcy? What happened? It wasn't your fault, was it?" I was being bombarded with questions.

"Shh, Stella. I'm fine." I'm sure she heard me wincing with pain as I took few steps away.

"The car?"

"Sadly, it's totaled. I'll buy you a new one, love, I promise."

"And our daughter? My poor baby...tell her I'll be there as soon as I can."

"She's...quiet." I replied, a little uneasy. What happens if I can't find her before Stella arrives?

"Do you think I can talk to her?" asked Stella.

I tried as quickly as I could to come up with a response that would satisfy her.

"Well, to be honest, I think hearing your voice might...make her break down again. She's a little sketchy right now..." I started.

I could her Stella well up with tears through the phone. "Oh, this is horrible! Tell her I love her, okay Harry?"

My voice shook. "Okay Stella. Love you."

I hung up.

I walked up to the police officer that had come up to both of us when Darcy was huddled by me. "Excuse me, officer? Have you seen my little girl wandering around somewhere?"

"Yes," he said. "She was just off that way a minute ago." Relief flooded through me.

I walked toward the brushed area he had pointed to. Clearly, Darcy had just gotten scared and hid. A couple pain-filled steps in and I realized that Darcy couldn't have gotten far. The forest ended abruptly at a tall, chainlink fence. That meant she HAD to be here.

I sprinted out, and ran right into Stella. Great.

"Oh, Harry," she started, and I pulled her into a tight hug. "Where's Darcy?" she asked immediately.

No point in stretching it any further.

"I don't know."

She thought I was joking. "Don't you think you should keep track of these things? Now, where is she?"

"I can't find her." She realized I was dead serious. I told her I had literally searched everywhere she could have wandered. Within minutes, this car accident had turned into a search for a missing child.

"Darcy Leighton Styles. About 3'3. 36 pounds. Brown curly hair. Green eyes. No unusual birthmarks or markings. Oh, but she did receive a cut on her right arm from the accident."

After a quick survey of the area, the police said they would let us know if they found anything. We thanked them and then quietly got in the car Stella had drove. We drove home in silence.

No sooner had we walked in the door of our home when the investigator had called. He said they had found a backpack in the woods nearby, and asked if it could have been Darcy's. 

"I'll stop by and check," I told him. "Oh by the way," I said. "I would like this whole incident to be kept as private as possible. You know how I feel about the whole publicity thing."

"Of course," he said.

I turned around to a cross-armed, red-eyed beautiful looking girl. "Stella,"

"Our daughter is missing, and you only care about publicity?"

"No, I don't mean it like that," I started.

"Then what DO you mean? Because that's my take on it."

"I just don't want this to give us a bad image, and all. Make us look like horrible parents,"

"Well I feel like a horrible parent right now! And I wasn't even the one there, 'watching' her! Shouldn't you be more concerned about Darcy, rather than more concerned about Harry? Don't you dare call me selfish ever again! Look at you!" Stella ran upstairs, and I heard a door slam, along with muffled sobs. Man, I was just on a roll today.

To make things better, the door opened to Liam, Louis, Zayn, and Niall. I wanted to tell them this wasn't a good time, but they looked as trashed as I did. 

"Sorry boys, I'm actually on my way to go look at some evidence," I told them.

"We'll come with you," They replied in unison. "Kind of like a mini search party." Added Louis. Glad to know the lads always had my back no matter what I was going through.


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