I will never leave you

Ally is not the biggest fan of one direction but when Niall Horan of one direction shows up on her doorstep she freaks and Niall and Ally was love at first sight... 6 months later Niall decided it was time to pop the question.. But is Ally goin ti be ready? Will Ally walk out on Niall? What will happen? Read to find out xx


3. Yes

I got home walked in the door and sure enough there was ally. "yes" she said to me. "what?" i aske her in confusion. "yes i will marry you!" she told me smiling. I jumped for joy "i went to give her a big bear hug! I picked her up bridal style and into my room... I threw her on the bed stuck the ring on her finger amd covered us up with a blanket. "i love you" i whispered to her. "i love you too." she whispered back. The next morning i watched her sleep for a couple minutes and then she woke to find me staring at her.
Allys POV: i woke up to find Niall staring at me . "good morning husband!" i said to him eith excitment. "good morning wife!" she smiled back. I got out of bed to go make breakfast when i heard a noise i said "did u hear that honey?" "no what?" he asked. There was the noise again. "that?" i said scared out of my mind. Niall grabbed his bat and went down stairs luckily it was only harry diggin in our fridge! "harry? How did u get in here?" he held up a key and smiled with his face stuffed. Suddenly we heard a knock. "ill get it" niall said. He opened the door we heard a thump! And we turned and niall was laying on the ground! "niall!!! Harry! Call an ambulance!" i screamed at harry, i was scared "niall can u here me?" i asked , he nodded. "ok stay with me babe." i looked at his wound there was a small but very hurtful wound in his stomach. I could here the ambulance pull up. As they picked niall up on a rolling bed he mouthed to me "i love you" "i love you too!!" i screamed from a distance. "harry? Can u drive me to the hospital?" i asked scared at the moment. "of course love" and we were on our way to see niall.
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