I will never leave you

Ally is not the biggest fan of one direction but when Niall Horan of one direction shows up on her doorstep she freaks and Niall and Ally was love at first sight... 6 months later Niall decided it was time to pop the question.. But is Ally goin ti be ready? Will Ally walk out on Niall? What will happen? Read to find out xx


8. The wedding

Allys POV : "Ally babe?" Ni asked me. "Yea Ni?" "So when i was in the hospital we didnt have time to talk about the wedding, so im thinkin in 3 weeks?" Niall asked me. "3 weeks!?!, i dont know if we will have enough time!" I said. "Well we call a wedding planner she dows everything its as simple as that." Niall said. "No! Niall i want this wedding to mean something." I said quitw frusterated. Niall frowned. "Babe its just a wedding." Niall said. "Just a wedding?.... Just a wedding niall??! Niall this is the day of our lives where we will become eachothers! If you cant take this wedding seriously.. Maybe the wedding shouldnt happen!" I said really mad. Niall has a frown once again. "Ill be back." I said storming out of the house. Nialls POV: "what did i just do?" I said to myself putting my face in my hands. I started to cry. *a couple hours later* Ally wasnt home yet. I got worried that she might call off the wedding. I calle her.. She disnt answer. I called again. She answered. (A=ally, N=niall.) A- hello? N- ally? Babe where r u? A- im on my way home. N- ok ay ally, im sorry i didnt mean it, what i said i want this to be special i just.. I just wasnt thinking. Im sorry (i started crying again) A- its ok niall im on my way home. N- okay by i love you and im so sorry. A- its ok niall i love you too bye. (End of call) ok she wasnt mad anymore. Ally opened the door to see my red puffy eyes. She came over and told me "im sorry i shouldnt have walked out like that." "No ally im sorry youre right that is the mosy important day of our life" ally held me close telling me everything was fine. "Ally? Is the wedding still on?" I asked. "Niall of course it is baby!" She said. "Ok i just didnt know i thought u might call it off because of what i said" i said. "No baby." She said. She held me for a while till i fell asleep in her soft grip.
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