I will never leave you

Ally is not the biggest fan of one direction but when Niall Horan of one direction shows up on her doorstep she freaks and Niall and Ally was love at first sight... 6 months later Niall decided it was time to pop the question.. But is Ally goin ti be ready? Will Ally walk out on Niall? What will happen? Read to find out xx


2. I love you

Nialls POV: its been 6 months since me and ally got together ally now knows the boys and my mum and is very close with them all. And i called a secret meeting to tell everybody i was going to pop the wuestion to Ally. And they were all very excited! "im so happy for you!" liam said. "why are you happy for him?" Ally asked as she walked in the room. She looked beautiful as she got ready to go out tonight with me. "oh nothing! You look stunning!" i said looking at her in amazment. "not too bad yourself" she said giggling. "Shall we?" i asked. "We shall." she said walking out the door laughing. (at the resteraunt) i was thinking to myself of how i was gonna say this. But i finally got the courage to. "Ally" i asked her. "yep?" " we have been together for a while now and i think its time we take things a bit more serious. So will you marry me?" i asked her scared of what she was gonna respond with. She looked shocked. "uhh Niall i dont know." she said. "i will answer you later i have to go! By" she said i she was running out. "she left" i whispered to myself. Repaeating it over and over and over. I got in my car and drove home.
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