I will never leave you

Ally is not the biggest fan of one direction but when Niall Horan of one direction shows up on her doorstep she freaks and Niall and Ally was love at first sight... 6 months later Niall decided it was time to pop the question.. But is Ally goin ti be ready? Will Ally walk out on Niall? What will happen? Read to find out xx


5. Dont do this to me! I need u!

No ones POV *a couple days later* "im finally going home!! More time with meh wife! If you know what i mean ally!" Niall said with a grin. "Niall you know the doctor said No sexual activity for 2 weeks!" I said teasing him. "But ally...." He said wining. "No buts, you will get your butt in bed and maybe tonight since its your 1st night home i might give you a little satisfaction but no activity! You got it?" I said with a smile. Niall nodded happily. *later that night* "babe! Where is my suprise?!?" Niall screamed wanting me. I walked in the room, sat him on the bed and tied him up in a sexy way so he couldnt get to me becuae the doc. Said no sexual activity. "Ill be right back" ally said winking. "I went into the bathroom and put on some sexy lingerie i had. I walked out of the bathroom to see niall staring at me... Drooling. " please dont do this" he begged not wanting me to tease him. "Oh i will Ni." I said. I was in the middle of the room silently strip teasing niall. I loved teasing him. He got mad. He said he had to have me. I stripped down to where i was in my bra and panties. I webt over to where Niall was tied up and i kissed him passionatly but shortly. I backed away leaving wanting more. I went to kiss him again we he pulled me on the bed with his legs. So i was on top of him now. I just kept kissing him nothing more because of what the doctor said. We kissed he brushed my bottom lip with his tongue asking fir entrance which i gladly gave him. I got tired so i gotoff of him. And put my pjs on, niall wined. I untied him. I layed down beside him, his chest to my back, his arms wrapped firmly around me. As i drifted off to sleep i heard niall say " ill get you back for tonight princess." I giggled to myselfand drifted in to a deep sleep.
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