I will never leave you

Ally is not the biggest fan of one direction but when Niall Horan of one direction shows up on her doorstep she freaks and Niall and Ally was love at first sight... 6 months later Niall decided it was time to pop the question.. But is Ally goin ti be ready? Will Ally walk out on Niall? What will happen? Read to find out xx


1. N...N...Niall Horan?

Ally's POV: I'm Ally im a typical teenager looking for love.
I was laying on my couch while my eyes were glues to my tv. But after a couple minutes i decided i would get off my lazy butt and go fux myself a snack. When i was half way through making my snack i hear on the tv: dah na na na na na na na na na na na na youre insecure... As i rolled my eyes i got a knock at the door. "just a sec." i said as i was running towards the door, as i opened the door ehat i foun was a blonde haired, blue eyed, muscular handsome boy. "hi. How may i help y.... Youre N...N... Niall Horan!" i barely got the words out of my mouth. "yes, can you help me" he asked in his beautiful irish accent? "of course come In. What do you need?" i asked him lookin straight into his deep blue eyes. "um well sorry for barging in like this but i was wondering... If you would like to get some ice cream sometime?" he asked me. "well i would love that but im just a stranger why would you ask a stranger like me?" i asked in confusion. "you don't remember me do you?" he asked me. "no i dont sorry well i know who you are but i dont think we ever met did we?"
"yes i was the one who gave you your ice cream at the shop a couple years ago and we became friends and we lost touch when i became famous and i finally got up the courage to come to you and tell you. I love you." he told me gesturing his hands out to me wanting me to hold his. "oh Niall i remember now and i have always loved you it was like.. Love at first sight." with that he took me in his arms swinging me around. "so Ally? Will you go out with me?" he asked. "of course!" "i love you" he whispered softly to me.
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