it all starts here

lexi moved t london from california and was expecting it to be worse for her but fact she made a friend on the first day and met an idol wo knows whats next for her.


2. time will tell

louis welcome Eleanor and I into his flat. Eleanor motioned for me to come sit with her.

"Eleanor whos your friend" louis asked

"oh thats lexi I met her today and we got along easily"

"so lexi what brought you to london?" louis asked me.

i didnt realise louis asked me a question because i was staring around his flat.  i finally answered him with

"my mom has a toring job because she grew up in london bttu she knows the place so well"

"oh ok" louis said.


i could tell louis was flirting with her because i know flirting when i see it but oh well i know that louis loves me. they wandered into the kitchen and i went to find liam to talk to.


what was up with eleanor today im just being friendly to lexi. i want her to be comfortable around us. so  i brought her into the kitchen to help me with dinner. harry was there too and we had to start now and ask niall what he wanted. he answered with nandos but we were staying home for dinner. so then he said why dont we make pizzas.

harrys P.O.V

i couldnt help but stare into lexis amazing blue eyes. i never seen anything like them. but i knew i had to help louis right now with cooking. every chance i got i would help lexi wih something.


i knocked on liams door and he said to come in so i sat down on his bed and he asked what was wrong. i told him how louis was flirting with lexi and that their downstairs cooking right now. he tried to tell me louis is just making her comfortable and i agreed with him. i went back down stairs but couldnt make it into the kitchen because of what i saw.

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