it all starts here

lexi moved t london from california and was expecting it to be worse for her but fact she made a friend on the first day and met an idol wo knows whats next for her.


6. sneaking around

nialls P.O.V

its been about a week since that night. but lexi and i have been sneaking around so you could say that shes cheating on louis. hes also been talking to eleanor again so later in the week lexi might be officially mine. but i dont really like sneaking around but we have to because harry would hate me forever and i dont even want to know what louis would do. ive taken lexi to meet cher because she said she was a big fan and she loved it.

lexis P.O.V

i think im really falling for niall. i just dont know how to leave louis but niall said hes going to be okay cause hes talking with eleanor again. which i think is good because i want to be with niall i just never realized it till now and i guess i never loved louis he just made me feel welcome, kinda like an older brother. nall and i are going out for dinner tonight as an actual couple cause im going to break up with louis. nialls going to ask zayn and perrie to come while im talking to louis. now here we go wish me luck.

louis P.O.V

i wa sjust getting off the phone with eleanor as lexi knocked on my door and i could tell something was up. she sat on the edge of my bed with worryness in her eyes and after ten minutes she said " louis im sorry but i love niall and i have since i met him" my heart sank. i mean im getting along with el again but  ilove lexi. she then said that her and niall were going out for dinner and said i was welcome to go with them and bring eleanor. i turned the offer down cause i was too upset and then i was in my room for that whole week.

a/n im sorry its short but i didnt have anymore ideas but i have the next chapter but i would like commments on if she should stay with niall end up wiht harry or go back to louis. thx xx-jordyn

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