it all starts here

lexi moved t london from california and was expecting it to be worse for her but fact she made a friend on the first day and met an idol wo knows whats next for her.


5. niall

louis P.O.V

its been about five months since ive been with lexi. i could tell harry liked her but she was clueless. i guess you could say i was jealous because harry normally got the girls in the end. so i had to prove to lexi that i loved her. yes i love her. but i havent told her.

lexi's P.O.V

today was a sunday and were making dinner at the flat. well me and louis were going to make it while the res of the guys just sat around. it hasnt really bothered me until now but i feel bad about the way louis and eleanor left things and i knew she still loved him but i didnt know how he felt. i also got the job at sarbucks but that lasted  a week so now i work as a cook in a restaurant ten minutes away from the flat. but whenever im around the boys they act so different and harry never looks at me when i talk, he just keeps his head down. ive also grown really close to niall and whenever louis and i get into our little fights he lets me cry to him and tell him everything and ive also slept in his bed cause of some of my issues with louis. nialls also told me he wanted me instead of louis having me but it still didnt change our brother and sister type of relationship.

nialls P.O.V

me, harry, liam and zayn were watching a football match on tv while louis and lexi were getting dinner suff ready and the three boys were trying to start a conversation with me but i just ignored because all i could think about was lexi. i knew harry liked her but i couldnt say i did because of two reasons one being they wouldnt stop going on about it and two none of the boys really care about my feelings so thats why lexi is so close to me. i mean i can el zayn things to but no as much as i tell lexi. sometimes she sneaks into my room at night and then goes back to louis before he wakes up in the morning. one night she told me something hat really changed how she felt about louis.... she told me she loved me not him and that she wanted to be with me not him....

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