it all starts here

lexi moved t london from california and was expecting it to be worse for her but fact she made a friend on the first day and met an idol wo knows whats next for her.


4. nandos

I liked waking up to louis in the mornings. i also liked how warm it was in his place. i mean we still went to my place but not until my mom got a bigger bed for me and louis. i got up because today i was going to starbucks to see if they had a job opening i could fill in. after i left the house i went to starbucks. i talked to the manager for about an hour and spent another 30 minutes writing up a resume. the manager was a really friendly person. but as i was walking out i saw eleanor walk in. i went to talk to her and see if she was okay with me being with louis. she just pushed me away. im not the type of person that forses someone to talk to me so i just left and went back to the flat louis and all of us shared.

harrys P.O.V

i didnt like the fact that louis was with lexi because its painful enough knowing when i met her i coulnt get her but to know my best friend has her. if it were louis that went to check his phone lexi would have been mine. although i dont show that i like her more than friends but i do.

no ones P.O.V

we had a sunday dinner and with nialls idea we went to nandos. ive never tried nandos but when we got there i just ordered a chicken ceaser salad. niall got many plates but i didnt know what exactly he ordered. louis got the same as me. harry wasnt hungry so he didnt get anytihng and zayn and liam were at home sick. i left to go to the washroom and louis followed. before i could get in the door louis grabed my arm and pushed me to the door and just stood there kissing me. when we heard footsteps he stopped and went back to the table i still had to go to the washroom. i got back and sat beside louis. his hand was on my knee and started moving up. i put a hand down there to move his hand down. when we were done we all paid our own meals and then headed out. louis and i went into our room, he went to shower in our washroom and i got into my pajamas. louis then came out in just a towel to get his pajama pants. after he got his clothes he went back into the washroom.

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