Live while we're young

Typical 19 year old Kali is adventurous and loves to live life to it's fullest. She goes to Ireland and absolutely loves it. She decides it's time to move away from home. Kali is excited to live there. All is calm until she meets Niall. Yet does she know her life will soon change in a instant.


1. Finding a Home

I'm leaving for Ireland today and my mind is racing"I can't wait to move to Ireland" I say to my best friend Sophie. She tries to talk me into not leaving but this has always been my dream and I'm going to follow them. It was really hard to say goodbye but I know I had to. **FEW HOURS LATER** "Agh finally I'm here." Now the search is on. I need to find a house soon. So, just my luck I'm walking in the airport and there is a house agent. I tell her my story. I ask her what her name is. Melanie. "Lets go!" says Melanie. I get into her car and she takes me to this small blue house. It just wasn't my style. So we went to the next house and it was gorgeous. It had a stone wall and it was a light brown. I didn't have to go in because I knew this was the one. Melanie was generous enough to call a truck to bring all my stuff. It took 5 LONG hours to unpack mostly everything. It was only 8 o'clock and I was exhausted so I went to bed. The next morning I woke up got ready ate breakfast and was out the door. Today I was planning on taking a trip to the best shopping area in Town, By the way it was 11 in the late-morning. I got there at around 11:15 . I went shopping and got some Paintings and decor to put around the house. I met some nice people and even a cute boy my age. They invited me to dinner, I said that I'd love to. For dinner we had Nandos. I was staring at Niall most of the time and he stared at me. I couldn't help but giggle. After dinner Niall gave me his number and he told me to keep in touch. I was so flustered. Before Niall walked me to my car he asked me where I was from and I told him I just moved 15 minutes away. He said "Well I guess I'll be seeing you soon". Even though I didn't know him to well I knew I was head over heels in-love with him. I got home and once again I was exhausted so I went to bed with a smile and a thought of Niall. 

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