Niall's Redhead

A promise is a promise, but promises were meant to be broken. Emily has her eyes set on Niall, but someone else comes into play. Her head's buzzing and she doesn't know who to go with, her brain or heart?


39. Winter Holiday

1 hour left to go. It had been sad to say bye to my family but greater adventure awaited! I looked into the reflection of my phone, my black eye nearly gone. It still throbbed a bit, and many people looked at me. Harry's hands caressed my face, "It looks a lot better." He said. I could see the slight guilt in his eyes. "Harry, it's not your fault. We discussed this!" I said, he smiled and shrugged, "I can't help it love." He was very protective, I loved that about him. We held hands the rest of the flight.

"Harry!" Zayn yelled running up to us and jumping in Harry's arms. We had landed in Denver, Colorado for a 4 day holiday with the boys. "That's MY boyfriend!" I joked. Harry put Zayn down and we loaded our things into Zayn's car. "You two are the last to arrive!" Zayn said. Harry looked at me, I was a slow packer. So what? "Oh Liam brought someone from home. A girl!" Zayn chuckled. "Oh! Good for him!" Harry said. I gazed out the window, snow was everywhere! I loved it! It looked like a white wonderland, the tall buildings with lights on them shined and the snow on the ground sparkled.

We drove to a 2 story cabin. We walked in and were welcomed by everyone. They were laughing and having a good time. "HAZZA! I MISSED YOU SO MUCH!" Louis shouted running over to Harry pretending to cry. "I missed you to Boo Bear!" Harry replied. Eleanor came up and hugged me. "How was your holiday?" El asked. "Fantastic!" I said. I laid eyes on a tall blonde, curly blond that is, blue eyes. Who was she? She must be Liam's new lady friend. I walked over to her, "Hello! I'm Emily, Harry's girlfriend and you are?" she was quite shy, "I'm Carol." she gave a weak smile. I held out my hand and she shook it. "Nice to meet you!" I smiled. I took her over to everyone and she stood by Liam. "You know, we should kick the first night with something WILD!" I said. They all nodded, "Like what?" Niall asked. I gave a mischievous smile. I walked outside, careful not to slip on ice. Lou had rented a Hummer, perfect. I tied a rope to the back of it, everyone watching me. I then went into the garage and pulled out a tube. It was a circular donut shaped raft kinda thing. I tied the other side of the rope to it. "There we are! We go snow tubing!" I said. "I'M IN!" Zayn & Lou shouted. "Someone needs to drive while the other person is on the raft!" I smiled. "I'll drive." offered Abby. Now we were cooking!

Harry wanted to go first. We got into Zayn's Jeep and followed as Harry was drug on the slippery roads by the Hummer. It was hilarious! Abby was a very careful driver, but she sped up to 50 mph! She stopped and Harry got off and climbed into the Jeep. "I love your ideas!" He said breathless. Liam was next, then Eleanor, then Lou. Each of them agreed it was lots of fun! "Now your turn!" Zayn said. "Ok! Lou, you drive and be devilish!" I said. I didn't want Abby to be so cautious! I wanted to have some close calls! Some blood pumping! Lou got it the car and I took my spot on the raft. "GO!" I yelled. Lou took off at blazing speed, if I had to guess, probably 90 mph. The wind in my face felt amazing! I was looking ahead and saw a pile of snow like a ramp, challenge accepted! I moved my weight to the left where it was. Before I knew it, I was high in the sky. I no longer felt the raft beneath me, oh snap. I did a semi flip in the air then fell on my face. Huh, no pain. Harry screamed and ran over to me, Louis followed, I lay face imbedded into the snow. Harry turned me over, I had my eyes closed. He was freaking out, "EMILY!" He yelled, I started laughing my butt off. I sat up, "Best ever!!" I said. Relief fell over everyones face, "Emily, do not scare me like that!" Harry said seriously. He helped me up, I kissed his nose, "Don't be so serious sweet heart." I said hugging him. I turned to see Lou, his sassy expression almost made me laugh, but I realized he was mad. "Em, not funny. I thought it was MY fault you were hurt." He said. I felt guilty, "Lou I'm sorry. I won't do that again." I said hugging Lou. "Can I do that again?" I asked.

~2 hours later~

We all climbed around the fireplace, ah warmth. I was freezing, I had snow in places snow should never be! Harry sat next to me, he kissed my cheek. I smiled and returned the gesture. "Hot chocolate anyone?" Liam asked. "We'll take some." Harry said. Liam & Carol went off into the kitchen. "So what are we doing tomorrow?" Zayn asked, arm around Perrie. We looked at each other. "Well, Louis & I saw something about dog sledding! We could go over and we could dog sled or be in the basket and ride." Eleanor suggested. "I love that!" I said. "That sounds like SO much fun!" Abby said. So it was decided, we would go dog sledding tomorrow. Carol & Liam came in and gave out the hot chocolate. We emptied our cups, and with full bellies Harry & I decided to call it a night. We walked into our room, it was cozy, a king bed, animal skins on the wall. "I like it." I smiled. "Me too!" Harry said. We showered up and got into bed, the room was freezing. I snuggled up to Harry, he was warm. "You know, I went a week, actionless. I deserve SOMETHING." Harry said. I laughed. He crawled on top of me, he unbuttoned my night shirt and kissed me. My hands ran down his back, he slightly groaned. I guess I wouldn't be cold anymore. 


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