Niall's Redhead

A promise is a promise, but promises were meant to be broken. Emily has her eyes set on Niall, but someone else comes into play. Her head's buzzing and she doesn't know who to go with, her brain or heart?


21. To Maine!

At the airport, we grabbed some food, took some pictures, and signed some autographs. I wasn't looking forward to the long flight. But I called my mother and updated her. I also texted my brothers and told them what was up. I put on my green hoodie and snuggled inside. We boarded and in a row of three seats, I got the one next to the aisle, Abby beside me, and Eleanor got the window seat. The girls had been making sure I was OK and always asked if I needed anything. Niall took care of me as well. Honestly, he didn't like to talk about the baby. I think it scared him, it's as if it never happened. Liam was across from me and was reading a magazine. "Hey Liam, how is Danielle?" I asked. He put down his magazine, "She's doing well. But we broke up, I found she was cheating on me." He said. "Oh, I'm, so sorry!" I said. He shrugged with a smirk, "Things happen."

"Ladies and gentlemen, 4 hours left of your flight." said the flight attendant. I asked for some sprite. Why couldn't we land sooner? "Em?" said Niall. "Yes Nye?" I said. "I love you!" he said. "Love you to!" I said. He was random like that, but hey, when you feel it, say it! I breathed a big sigh, Abby was asleep and Eleanor was listening to music. Maybe I should catch a few Z's.

I woke to a tap on the shoulder. "Emily, wake up. We're about to land." came Abby's voice. I sat up and looked around. Everyone looked a lot happier now! The boys were performing in Maine 3 times then we'd fly to NY, then Pennsylvania later. It was hard to keep track of everything. When we got off, the boys started skipping out, Niall threw me over his shoulder and carried me out. "Nye! Ha! Stop! Not now!" we were laughing and it was one of the happiest moments ever! We grabbed some more food, (Niall insisted) and headed to where a huge bus was waiting for us! Then another bus pulled out! The boys took time for the fans and did pictures and autographs and then their manager said, "Ok, 1D in this bus, girlfriends in that one!" We separated our luggage and Niall helped me. "Don't worry, they can't separate us!" Nye told me. I laughed, "Where do we go now?" I asked. Niall shrugged. "They're going to take us to the hotel then we have rehearsal tonight at 7." Harry answered. Niall kissed me and hugged me then got on his bus. The girls, (Perrie, Me, Abby, & Eleanor) got in our bus. Inside was huge! 4 bunks and a huge couch and a flat screen! Best bus ever!

We arrived at our hotel and Niall & I shared a room. "I'm beat!" Niall said. I hugged him. "Don't worry, it all gets better!" I said. We showered and I got in my pajamas and Niall got ready for rehearsal. I texted Abby, *"If your not busy, come on over to room 426!* She replied with a "Be there in five!" After Niall left I looked around the room. One of the few times I'd be staying in a hotel. Lots of flying and driving! I then heard a knock on the door.

I welcomed her in and we sat on the couch. I opened a bag of cookies and we shared them. "So, tonight, the guys are going out! We should call El and Perrie and have a sleepover!" I said. She shrugged, "I'm down with that!" she said. We called the girls, after the guys left they came. Everyone was in their pajamas! We pulled out Apples to Apples and Twister and all the fun games we used to play! We started twisting then El took out some hulahoops and we had a contest! We laughed and it was as if I'd known them forever! We sat down and passed out! The next thing I knew, I was being carried away! I opened my eyes and saw Niall's face. He carefully layed me in bed and pulled the covers over.

I woke watching Niall put a belt on. "Morning!" he smiled. "What happened last night?" I asked. "You and the girls fell asleep and I carried you to bed. The boys carried the rest to their rooms." he laughed. I laughed, "Can you start the coffee please?" I asked. "Yes, now go back to sleep. I'll be back at 1:30. Love you!" he smiled as he kissed my forehead. I woke up and poured myself some coffee. I walked outside to the balcony, inhaled the fresh air. "'Welcome to Maine." it said. The cold breeze sent me back inside and I turned on the T.V. My phone buzzed, "*Hey, come on over for some lunch!*" It said. I went over to Abby's hotel room after I got dressed. She had made sandwiches. "Last night was crazy!" Abby said. I nodded, "Yeah! Niall said we were passed out when he walked in!" I laughed imagining Niall's face when he walked in.  "Harry put me on his back and carried me all the way to the room! I know their excited for their first show tonight!" Abby said. I nodded, "When they get back, we're going to pack our things in the bus and drive 30 mins to the stadium." I reminded her. She nodded. I walked back to my room and it was 1 o'clock. I fell on my bed and fell right back to sleep. ( I love sleep!) 

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