Niall's Redhead

A promise is a promise, but promises were meant to be broken. Emily has her eyes set on Niall, but someone else comes into play. Her head's buzzing and she doesn't know who to go with, her brain or heart?


47. Thanksgiving in England

~Emily's POV~ 

I felt bad for Niall having to leave his newborn son behind. But in order to provide for them, he had to do what he had to do. As I held Harry's hand on the plane, I couldn't help but gaze at Niall, he looked so sad. Harry caught my gaze, "He'll be fine, we'll cheer him up!." He said. I blushed, "I sure hope so." I said. I felt my pocket, Niall & I's past was slowly creeping back. I still carried his ring around because what we had was so special. Then I thought of Harry, he was a great boyfriend for sure! But, I kind of wanted us to hit the next level. But whenever he was ready, then the time would be right.

~3 Weeks Later~

It was 2 days before Thanksgiving, Harry & I were in London at his apartment. Liam, Zayn, and Louis had also gone home to see family. Niall had flown to Georgia to stay with Abby. Fin had gotten big! He was so small and cute! It made me want a baby. "Emily." I looked up from my phone to seed Harry in the doorway. "Yes Haz?" I asked. "So, you know that we don't really celebrate Thanksgiving over here, but, I told my mum and she wants to try to do it American-Style." he said as he sat beside me. "That sounds great!" I said. "She wants you to help, so tomorrow she wants us to go over there, and Gemma & her boyfriend will be there, and she wants us to have a family Thanksgiving." he smiled. "Oh! Sure, I can do that. Sounds like fun!" I said. Harry kissed my forehead.

As we pulled up in the Cox's driveway, I felt a little nervous. I walked into their house, smiles and warm hugs embraced me. Mrs.Cox wanted to get to work right away. "Emily! So wonderful to see you again! Now come over in the kitchen, I got everything you told me to get. What shall we do first?" she smiled brightly and her brown eyes shined. "Well let's get that Turkey in the pot first, Robin, the men usually do that in my family. I can show you if you'd like." He laughed and nodded. When I'd finished showing him what to do, I returned to the kitchen and Anne was already starting to make the dressing. I instructed her to do it the way my family had done it. We laughed and had a grand time, it felt like bonding.

~Harry's POV~

As I watched Emily with my mum, I smiled to myself, if my mum didn't like Emily, then I wouldn't date her. But it pleased me that she did. I went to sit down in the living room where Gemma was. "So, how are you and Austin?" I asked. She shrugged, "We've had our ups and downs, but we've been getting along good lately." she smiled a weak smile. "You know, I still kind of don't like him," I said. She sighed, "Give him a chance. Why don't you like him?" she asked. "Because he seems sneaky." I answered. When I had first met him, he seemed OK, but the more times Gemma came home crying, the more I wanted to sock his face.

~Emily's POV~

It had been 2 hours of cooking and preparing and I had to rally everyone up. I went to find Austin, he was outside on the phone. I felt devilish and began to listen. "Babe, I can't. I already have plans today. Babe-" He was becoming frustrated, "Mary-. No, look, I can't, I love you. I will come over after I get out of here." he said. Mary? Who the hell was Mary? It seemed, he was, cheating? I didn't know what to do, after he closed his phone, I opened the door and he whizzed around. "Food's ready Austin." I said with a convincing smile. Like I hadn't heard anything. He relaxed and nodded. "Be there in 5." he said. I wasn't sure whether to tell Harry, or Gemma. I didn't want Harry to lose it and beat Austin up, but I didn't want to cause drama on all days. So I turned to go into the dinning room and serving the food. He wasn't going to get away with this for sure.

Everyone sat at the table and I couldn't feel more at home. Harry sat by me. I put my hand on his thigh, I squeezed it. He looked at me but I didn't look at him. I wanted to torture him. I moved higher, he cleared his throat to stop the moan from escaping his lips. "You're mean." he said with a smile. I giggled removing my hand. "I know." I said kissing his cheek. Anne stood up with a glass of wine in her hand, "I just want to toast to this lovely day. I couldn't be happier with both my children being here and also a toast to Emily, who brought this Holiday to us and preparing this food." she said with a smile. I felt my face heat, oh my goodness. How nice was she? We raised our glasses and said "Cheers." then the clanking of glasses was heard. Everyone complimented my cooking skills. "Well thank Mr.Robin for the Turkey! It's really good!" I said. He chuckled. 

As I helped clean the dishes, it seemed like Austin was about to leave. My heart began pounding, I walked up to Harry who was watching soccer. "Haz, can I talk to you?" I said. He looked at me with concern, "Of course." he said as he rose from his chair. We walked out into the hall, "What's wrong?" he asked. I folded my arms, "Well, I went to get Austin for dinner, and I overheard his phone conversation. He was talking to a Mary. He said, 'I love you, and I'll come over when I get out of here.'" I said. Harry clinched his fists, "Mary huh? That was the last girl he dated before Gemma." Harry said. I could feel his anger, like I felt just like Harry. Mad. Infuriated. "Don't hurt him." I told Harry. He turned and walked up to Austin and threw his arm around him and led him outside. Oh lord.

~Harry's POV~

I led Austin outside. It took everything I had not to punch his face and just crush his soul. But I let go of him and looked him dead in the eye. "I heard, you are still seeing Mary." I said. His face went white. He was so much shorter than me, he had to look up to see my face. "No." he replied. "You bastard! That's the biggest piece of shit I've ever heard! You go in that house and break up with my sister and tell her the truth and I'll try not to beat the bloody mess out of you." I stated coldly. I was so mad, I wanted to kick him on his ass then and there. But he swallowed hard and went into the house. Emily was talking and laughing with Gemma, and she relaxed when she saw Austin unharmed. Austin cautiously walked up to Gemma. She turned and noticed his odd expression. "Ge-gemma," he stammered. "I've been cheating on you with Mary. So we need to break up. I'm sorry." he said. He looked at me and I waved him over, and opened the door for him. "Now get the hell out of my house." I said. He practically sprint out. Gemma began to cry so I walked over and hugged her. "It's OK, shh." I whispered. Emily rubbed Gemma's back, "It's alright." she said.

When we left, Gemma was feeling better. Emily was rather quiet. "What's wrong Em?" I asked. "Just thinking if I did the right thing." she said. I grabbed her hand and kissed it, "You did love." I said. She smiled weakly. "I hope so." she said. When we got home, Emily still seemed bothered. She went to shower, and usually she would sing to the top of her lungs. So I went to her bathroom door and leaned against it, "Baby you got me sick, I don't know what I did." I sang from Heart Attack. She laughed, "Your cheesy." she said. I laughed, "Yet you love me." She turned off the shower and put on pajamas. When she walked out I went and wrapped her in my arms, "No really love, what's bothering you?" I asked. "Oh I don't know. I just, kind of, what us to go to the next level." she said with hope in her eyes. I thought, the next level was engagement. Was I ready for that? I loved Emily, to the moon and back. So why was I hesitant? I nodded, "You're right, but now isn't the time. But, I see us getting married in the future." I said not declining her, but not accepting either. She smiled and looked down, "Alright." she said. She sniffled and walked to the bedroom. I followed her, she wiped her face. "Em, don't cry." I said hugging her tight. "I don't even know why I'm crying! I'm an emotional wreck!" she said. I grabbed her face and brought her into a kiss. "Emily, I love you. Never forget that!" I said. She stopped crying and nodded.

After I showered and got in bed, Emily was already sleeping. I watched the slow rise & fall of her chest. I wanted us to get married, but I felt, maybe, what happened with her & Niall, might happen to me. She might fall in love with someone else, then drop me. But I knew that probably wouldn't happen. I felt so much love for her, I was so protective of her. Why was I questioning proposing?




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