Niall's Redhead

A promise is a promise, but promises were meant to be broken. Emily has her eyes set on Niall, but someone else comes into play. Her head's buzzing and she doesn't know who to go with, her brain or heart?


26. Taken

Niall and I walked over to the gas station. As I walked inside with him, a blue mini-van pulled up. No one got out, weird. But then 2 buff girls got out and ran to me and picked me up. "Niall!" I screamed. He tried to get to me, but it was to late. They threw me in and sped away. I was in tears. "Go!" yelled the buff blonde.

~Niall's POV~

My Emily! They took her! I pulled out my phone and called 911! "Hello? Yes my girlfriend was just kidnapped! At the gas station on HWY 34! In a blue mini-van! HURRY!" I screamed. What were they going to do to her?

~Emily's POV~

They tied me to a chair. We were speeding along and they were laughing! "Hello child." said the blonde with a jamaican accent. "Why? Who are you?" I said. I'd never seen these people. The asian spoke up, "You are Emily yes?" she asked. "No! You have the wrong gal!" I protested. They all laughed, "We seen your picture everywhere! Dat ring, it gonna get you in trouble!" said the blonde. "Tie her mouth Marcy!" the blonde orderd. The asian said, "No Sage! I wanna hear her pain!". She then cut my wrist with a knife I hadn't noticed! "AH!" I gasped in pain. "You took us from him! You see we had plans for Niall. We were gonna marry him, but child you came along and well-" Marcy cut Sage off, "Bad choice." Sage nodded. Sage cut my other wrist. "AHH!!" I screamed in even more pain. Blood was gushing out. I then heard sirens! They were very close. "Speed up! Go Hanna go!" Marcy yelled. I heard gun shots, Niall help me I thought! We suddenly slowed down. "They hit a tire!" Hanna yelled. I was blacking out from all the blood I was losing. I finally closed my eyes but I could still hear them. "I'll take dat! Tank you!" Sage's voice came, and I felt her slip my ring off my finger. I heard shouting and more gunshots and then quiet. I guess they had left on foot. Someone opened the door and shouted my name, "EMILY!"

I woke in a hospital bed. Surrounded by all the guys and the girls. I didn't recongizing where I was yet. "Where are they?" I said panicked. "Shh not here. You're safe!" Niall said. I now saw everyone and their sad faces. "You need anything?" Abby's said. "Pain killers, or medicine. My wrists hurt bad." I mumbled. "Sure thing." Niall said as he sat up and walked into the hall to fetch the nurse.

~Niall's POV~

When I walked up to that van, I didn't expect to find what I did. Now my Emily was hurt, but at least we had the suspects. I wanted to gut them and just punch them. How could they do such a thing? Emily could have died from all the blood loss since they cut major vains. If Emily could identify them, they'd be charged with attempted murder! I got my cell phone out, I called her mother. "Mrs.Doe? Niall here. Emily was in a accident and is in the hospital now. She um, got, kidnapped. They cut her wrists but she's doing well and will be let out in 2 days. Yes, sure. I will. Of course, bye." Her husband and her didn't want to fly out if Emily would be realsed in 2 days. So they wanted Emily to fly back home for a bit. The police came up to me, "Niall Horan?" they asked. I nodded,"Yes?" they handed me a bag with something small inside. "This was found in the contents of one of the suspects." he said. I looked inside, Em's ring.

~Emily's POV~

Niall came in and slipped something on my finger. I smiled, "My ring!" I began to get teary eyed. Niall wiped away my tears. ""I talked to your mum, she wants you to fly home." Nye said. "Yeah right!" I laughed. "I'm fine, promise. I'll call her and talk to her later!" I said through happy tears. I was suddenly feeling a lot better, maybe that was the drugs. "Listen, I have to go to do the show. Management won't let us skip the performance. So Abby and the girls will stay with you. OK?" Niall asked. I nodded looking at Abby. "Girl time!" I joked.    

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